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Hiroshima city

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The information below is as of July 2015.

Automobile industry

(Related sectors: Automobile and Transport Equipment, ICT, Electronics)

Attractive features

A number of automotive related companies centred on leading automotive manufacturer Mazda, gained Hiroshima prefecture an international reputation for its advanced technology. The companies have production bases all over the world including in the US, Europe and Asia countries such as China and has extensive experience in international business.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • HIROTEC Corporation
  • DaikyoNishikawa Corporation
  • Molten Corporation
  • ISHIZAKI HONTEN, Delta Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Principal foreign companies in the industry
  • Visteon,
  • Autoliv Electronics Asia Pacific
  • Valeo
Major education/research institutes of the industry

Hiroshima University
Hiroshima City University
Hiroshima Institute of Technology
Kinki University Faculty of Engineering Hiroshima Campus

Research Institutions

Hiroshima City Industrial Technology Center
Hiroshima Prefectual Technology Research Institute

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

The “Hiroshima Automotive Industry Promotion Consortium through Coordination between Industry, Academia, and Government” was set up by the Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima-city, Mazda and other related companies. The Consortium works on developing automotive industries, which are the key industries of Hiroshima Prefecture and which contribute to the revitalization of the region.