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Gunma Prefecture-  a suitable inland location with a substantial high-speed transportation network and less natural disasters.

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Living environment

Gunma is a safe and secure area gifted with natural beauty

Oze National Park is one of many beautiful natural areas in Gunma Prefecture. Some of the abundant pure water that flows out of the mountains surrounding the prefecture flows into the Tone River, which brings so much bounty to the Kanto Plain.
The prefecture contains many hot spring resorts, including some that are famous throughout Japan.
Gunma Prefecture has a well-developed system of expressways, providing a superior environment for operating a business. It is also blessed with mountains, hot spring resorts, and other natural wonders. The abundance of pure water in the prefecture allows farmers to raise fresh vegetables, and as an agricultural prefecture, Gunma does all it can to ensure food safety and security. All these factors combine to provide a superior living environment for employees.

International schools

The city of Oota has a special school district for the education of foreign children, an intensive school system in which foreign students are gathered by school blocks. Bilingual teachers who understand both Japanese and Portuguese are assigned to the school, and there are also Brazilian schools.

Health services catering to foreigners

All Around Gunma is a multilingual website operated by Gunma Association of Tourism, Local Products and International Exchange that offers community information. The website features useful information such as that regarding medical institutions where foreign language assistance is available.