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The information below is as of November 2017.

Kyushu, a major island that lies in the southwest part of Japan, is noted for its great scenic beauty. The area now known as Fukuoka Prefecture, which has flourished as the focus of Kyushu since ancient times, is located exactly midway between Tokyo and Shanghai (a 90-minute flight to either city). Fukuoka Prefecture has two international airports. The expansive aviation network here operates approximately 300 international flights weekly to major cities in Asia and approximately 370 domestic flights daily to major Japanese cities, making Fukuoka an ideal location for business ventures targeting the Japanese and Asian markets.

Fukuoka Airport


Fukuoka is equipped with an excellent motor expressway system that links the prefecture to Greater Tokyo, Kansai and almost all of the other regions of Japan. Construction is advancing on a new expressway in the Kita-Kyushu region (noted for its heavy concentration of auto industry companies), a move also indicative of the push to build up an even more extensive business base.


Fukuoka Airport, one of the most convenient airports in the world, lies a mere 10 minutes from the center of Fukuoka City, offering perhaps the smoothest access of any airport in Japan. Kita-Kyushu Airport, a facility built over the ocean, is located at the hub of an area distinguished by a heavy concentration of auto industry operations. The airport takes advantage of this geographical merit by supplying outstanding services for business customers, cargo flights and other sectors.


Both Hakata Port and the Kita-Kyushu Port operate about 35 regular international container routes each. They offer comfortable access while excelling as key international distribution bases and ocean gateways to Western Japan.


The Shinkansen bullet train line links Fukuoka to Tokyo in 5 hours, to Nagoya in 3.5 hours and to Osaka in 2.5 hours. The Kyushu Shinkansen fully opened in March 2011. Connecting Fukuoka and Kagoshima in 80 minutes, making access in Kyushu even more convenient.