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City Hall 14F, 1-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-8620
Tel: +81-92-711-4849 Fax: +81-92-733-5901

Fukuoka city

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The information below is as of July 2015.

Living environment

Fukuoka City is acclaimed by the British magazine Monocle and other international magazines as one of the world's most livable cities for foreign residents. Even in a survey targeted to Japanese business people, Fukuoka City was ranked in first place as a "comfortable city to live in" and in second place as a "city where I'd like to live sometime." Fukuoka City International Foundation established an office called “Rainbow Plaza” to provide information required for daily life, consultation, counseling and legal advice for foreign residents in Fukuoka. Service is provided in English, Chinese and Korean.
Multilingual free newspaper and FM broadcasting service are also provided by private businesses.

International schools

Fukuoka City has one international school that teaches classes in English, following the American-style education curriculum. It provides courses from kindergarten to senior high school. The Fukuoka Metropolitan Area also has another private elementary school introducing an immersion program where all classes other than Japanese are conducted in English. In addition, public elementary and junior high schools in Fukuoka City provide supplementary Japanese lessons for foreign students.

Health services catering to foreigners

200 medical institutions in Fukuoka City offer medical services in foreign languages.