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The information below is as of November 2017.

Manufacturing industry

(Related sectors: Food manufacturing, Environment and Energy (Smart Grid), Healthcare and Welfare)

Attractive features

Ehime Prefecture's manufacturing industry features many large companies in basic material sectors (paper/pulp; gold, silver, copper, nickel and other non-ferrous metals; alumina and other basic chemicals; and carbon fibers, aramid fibers, and other high-function fibers). These large companies have produced numerous spin-off companies manufacturing the latest in pharmaceuticals and electronic equipment. The shipbuilding industry is one of the prefecture's more thriving manufacturing industries engaged in processing and assembly.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry
  • Daio Paper Co.,Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.,Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Toray Industries, Inc.
Principal foreign companies in the industry
  • Sumika Polycarbonate Ltd
  • Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Heavy Ion Technology Co., Ltd.
Major education/research institutes of the industry
  • Ehime University (Faculty of Engineering, Special Super Science Course),
  • Niihama National College of Technology (Production Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, and Electronic Engineering)
Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

“Saijo City Food Processing and Distribution Complex Concept” Implementation Plan (local regeneration plan)
Based on the “Saijo City Food Processing and Distribution Complex Concept” (aimed at bringing together agricultural/marine and food product manufacturing companies and others in the food industry by developing systems for collecting, shipping, processing, and storing products in agricultural/marine goods production areas and supplying these to consumption areas), a food industry cluster (sixth-order industrialization) will be formed for the purposes of increasing employment in the food industry and strengthening its production competitiveness. Locations will also be established to frame food issues, disseminate information, develop specially-produced goods, etc.