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Regional Information Ehime

The esteemed"SUGOI" enterprise of the world,Ehime

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Location Promotion Division, Industry and Employment Subdepartment,Economic and Labor DepartmentExternal site: a new window will open.

4-4-2 Ichibancho, Matsuyama-city, Ehime Prefecture 790-8570
Tel: +81-89-912-2260 Fax: +81-89-912-2259


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The information below is as of November 2017. (Basic Information: September 2018)

Basic Information

Population *1 1.43 million
Labor force *1 0.7 million
Area (square kilometer)*2 5,676.23
GDP *3 4,915,526 million yen
Major industries Paper/pulp, nonferrous metal industry, chemical, shipbuilding industry, Electrical machinery,
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1square meter) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 69,844
Number of Employees *6 627644
JETRO office


Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Ehime Prefecture is the largest manufacturing prefecture in Shikoku, accounting for about 40% of Shikoku's total shipment value for manufactured goods. Shikoku Chuo City located in the eastern part of the prefecture has developed as a city with concentrations of companies in the paper industry, and the cities of Niihama and Saijo are home to major chemical and non-ferrous metal manufacturers, while Imabari City has become the world's leading maritime cities. Matsuyama City located in central part of the prefecture is the key consumption center and has major producers of carbon fiber and others, while the production of agricultural and marine goods and the processing of foodstuffs are active in the southern part of the prefecture.

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Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

Foreign companies have been moving into Ehime Prefecture drawn by its outstanding labor force, world-class R&D, close industry-academia-government collaboration, and the presence of world-famous manufacturers in the paper/pulp, non-ferrous metal, chemical, shipbuilding and high-function fiber industries: Sumika Polycarbonate Ltd, Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd., Nippon Ketjen Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Heavy Industies Ion Technology Co., Ltd. , MERSEN Japan Co., Inc., Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd., etc.

Available incentives

Incentive name

Support for invited enterprises such as manufacturing companies

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

Manufacturing, 4 distribution businesses (truck cargo transport, warehousing, packaging, and wholesaling), etc.
Information- and communications-related companies (call centers and data centers、administrative work processing centers)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Support for leased property and incentives is provided depending on the number of newly employed full-time workers and invested fixed-asset value for pre-designated construction companies, factories of 4 types of distribution companies, and call centers invited by the prefecture.
Additionally, a special support system is in place for SMEs expanding into Toyo Industrial Parks, one of the prefectural industrial parks, information- and communication-related companies, and venture companies.

Incentive name

Support for capital investment in line with the basic plan based on the Business Location Promotion Act

Incentive type Prefential Tax Treatment
Incentive target industries Industries seeking accumulation and further expansion by 5 basic plans based on the Business Location Promotion Act in 5 regions of the prefecture
  1. Paper-related industry in Shikoku Chuo City
  2. (1) Advanced material-related industry (2) Machinery- and steel-related industry (3) Medical-related industry in cities of Niihama and Saijo
  3. (1) Maritime-related industry (2) Electricity- and electronics-related industry (3) Food processing-related industry (4) Textile-related industry in cities of Imabari and Saijo and Kamijima Town
  4. (1) Advanced material-related industry (2 )Machinery- and equipment-related industry (3) Medical-related industry (4) Food processing-related industry (5) Information services industry in the cities of Matsuyama, and Iyo and Tohon and Masaki Town
  5. (1) Food processing-related industry (2) Machinery- and equipment-related industry (3) Consumer-related industry (4) Information services industry in the cities of Uwajima, Yawatahama, Ozu, and Seiyo and in the towns of Uchiko, Ikata, Matsuno, Kihoku, and Ainan.
Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Companies with capital investment in line with 5 basic plans instituted based on Business Location Promotion Act, will be eligible for various support system such as special depreciation, exemption from real estate acquisition taxes and fixed-asset taxes and low-interest financing etc. by making plans beforehand and have it approved by the prefecture.

Incentive name

Preferential Tax Treatment

Incentive type Prefential Tax Treatment
Incentive target industries

All industries (*There is special exception of requirements for agriculture-, forestry-, and fishery-related industry.)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

In depopulated areas, preferential treatment is available for targeted facilities, including special depreciation, enterprise tax and real estate acquisition tax .

Incentive name

Loan Sheme for Business Location

Incentive type Loan Scheme
Incentive target industries

Manufacturing, 4 distribution businesses (truck cargo transport, warehousing, packaging and wholesaling), information services-related, and testing reseach centers etc.

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

A low-interest long-term loan scheme is in place for capital investment fund for new establishment and exansion of factories.

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Services for investment in Japan

Providing market information Advice on the matters related to entering into Japanese market
Support for establishing a base Provision of facilities including a incubation office

The JETRO Ehime Industrial Internationalization Center, set up by JETRO Ehime and operated jointly by Ehime Prefecture and local trade and investment organizations, provides help to all foreign and foreign-affiliated companies considering investments in Ehime Prefecture. The Center, in conjunction with JETRO Ehime, Ehime Prefecture, local trade and investment organizations, and commercial and industrial groups, provides information on various procedures and the selection of partner candidates.