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Monodzukuri (manufacturing) Akita, aiming to gather automobile and aircraft-related industries

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3-1-1 Sanno,Akita-city,Akita Prefecture 010-8570
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The information below is as of November 2017.

Living environment

Surrounded by a rich natural environment represented by Shirakami-Sanchi registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site and enriched by agricultural products cultivated from clear water and on fertile plains, Akita Prefecture is an area where residents can enjoy an affluent, comfortable life. The home ownership rate and average lot area of houses are one of the highest in Japan, thanks to reasonable house prices. Fewer crimes and traffic accidents contribute to the quality of life in Akita.
The Akita International Association promotes the creation of a convenient and comfortable living environment, expanding the network with foreign residents and foreign nationals.

Health services catering to foreigners