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Regional Information Akita

Monodzukuri (manufacturing) Akita, aiming to gather automobile and aircraft-related industries

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3-1-1 Sanno,Akita-city,Akita Prefecture 010-8570
Tel: +81-18-860-2250 Fax: +81-18-860-3869


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The information below is as of November 2017. (Basic Information: September 2018)

Basic Information

Population *1 1.02 million
Labor force *1 0.5 million
Area (square kilometer)*2 11,637.52
GDP *3 3,366,869 million yen
Major industries Electronic components/devices, production and commercial machinery, food, lumber/wood products, and chemistry
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1square meter) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 53,593
Number of Employees *6 465,227
Offices overseas

Seoul, South Korea (2002)

JETRO office


Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

In terms of manufacturing industries, Akita Prefecture is characterized by the high weight of the electronic component/device industry, which accounts for approximately 28% of the total value of shipments from the prefecture, and has the largest workforce in Akita Prefecture, thus establishing itself as the leading industry of the prefecture. In the past, Akita was one of the few mining regions in Japan, and that is why the prefecture boasts an advanced metal recycling industry that takes advantage of mineral processing technologies. In addition, inflow of the automotive and other transport equipment industries into the Tohoku district is distinct, and the growth in the medical/pharmaceutical industry exemplifies the accelerating aging of the population in the prefecture in recent years.

Available incentives

  • Subsidy for investment in plant and equipment: A subsidy equal to 10% (the rate may be increased according to the requirements) of the investment in the plant and equipment is offered to companies locating a factory in the prefecture. Four billion yen may be paid at a maximum if it includes a research and development facilities. (There is a upper limit.)
  • Preferential taxation: Local taxes (real estate acquisition tax, enterprise tax and fixed asset tax) may be exempted for designated industry types located in designated areas.
  • Funding programs: One billion yen maximum may be lent at 1.6% per annum with repayment terms of 15 years for the investment in factory construction.

The Industrial Agglomeration Division of Akita Prefecture provides support for foreign companies considering investments in Akita Prefecture. Making use of its network, the Office offers information about the procedures for incorporation, as well as industrial sites, human resources, universities, research institutes, and business partners, free of charge. Subsidies may be granted for part of the initial investment such as investment in plants and equipment.