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Pamphlets / Video


Free downloads of pamphlets and other materials related to Japan's investment environment.



One-stop service and support centers that help foreign companies set-up business in Japan.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies Contributing to Japanese Economies


This content introduces foreign-affiliated companies contributing to Japanese economies through “Promoting diverse work styles and business models”, “Creating a global innovation platform”, “Promoting reduction of CO2 emissions, renewable energy”, and “Creating innovation through collaboration with Japanese companies”

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Why Japan? "5 Reasons to Invest in JAPAN"


The Japanese economy is emanating new appeal. Now is the perfect time to invest. Discover 5 reasons to invest in JAPAN.
Reason1: An Ever-growing Economy, Reason2: A Sophisticated Market, Reason3: An Innovation Hub, Reason4: Business-Friendly Infrastructure, Reason5: A Comfortable Living (March 2019)

Why Invest in Japan′s Local Regions?
-Unlimited Business Opportunities Await-


This content informs you the advantages of the investment environment Japan's local regions offer.
We have three sections of reasons "Why1 : -Business Opportunity Beyond Tokyo-", "Why2 : -Leverage the Power of Innovation-", "Why3 : -Safe & Secure Business Environment-".

Laws & Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan


TProvides an overview of the laws, regulations and procedures related to setting up a business in Japan.



JETRO and Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan are proud to present this guide to the business environments of Japan created in FY2017. Included is also a list of Canadian companies and related groups active in Japan.

Foreign-Affiliated Companies Contributing to Local Economies


This content introduces foreign-affiliated companies contributing to local economies in Japan through “Export promotion of local products”, “Job creation”, “Attracting foreign tourists”, and “Research and development”.


Begin your future with Japan’s local region

There are abundant business opportunities in Japan’s local regions. Take advantage of the strengths of these areas and explore new possibilities for your business.

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Fukushima: Innovation hub for high-quality medical devices

Fukushima is one of Japan’s top-ranking prefectures in the production of medical devices. The presence of leading global medical device manufacturers and many local companies with distinguished craftsmanship results in world-class medical device development and production.

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Fukuoka: Where open innovation begins

Fukuoka Prefecture, the heart of the Kyushu economy, has become a center for global companies and research institutes that employ advanced technologies. The area of IoT in particular has rapidly grown in the region as a result of open innovation.

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Source: Videos created by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


JETRO’s "JETRO Global Eye" is a TV program featuring various international business topics.
Through the above link, you can watch streaming videos of archives of this program related to investment-in-Japan including interviews with foreign-affiliated companies in Japan.

You may view videos on Japan's attractive sectors for investment such as infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, tourism and more.