Business ExpandingInteresse International Inc., a recruiting agency specializing in Japanese–English bilingual human resources, establishes a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan

Jun 20, 2024

Founded in New York City, U.S. in 1996, Interesse International Inc.External site: a new window will open. provides recruitment services specializing in Japanese–English bilingual human resources. The company's main clients are Japanese companies in the U.S., including the U.S. branches of major Japanese corporations, and it has provided recruitment services for a wide range of industries and occupations. To meet the rapidly growing demand for bilingual personnel in Japan, Interesse International Japan Inc.External site: a new window will open. was established in Tokyo in August 2022. After obtaining a license for employment placement business, the company began full-scale operations in May 2023.


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The U.S. headquarters provides Japanese–English bilingual recruitment and temporary staffing services, human resources-related consulting, human resources management cloud services, and media-related businesses. With 11 locations throughout the U.S., the company leverages its network to develop business across a wide range of industries and occupations. Consultants at each location are well-versed in the core industry sectors of their region and provide services tailored to the clients' needs from both a global and local perspective.

The Japanese subsidiary have two main tasks. First being the recruitment of candidates who have work experience in the U.S. and are returning to Japan or non-Japanese candidates residing in Japan. These candidates are not only bilingual but also highly talented. Their main clients include the headquarters of Japanese companies' U.S. subsidiaries and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan. Consultants listen carefully to the needs of both companies and job seekers to fulfill bilingual job requirements in the Tokyo area and the candidates' hometowns. Second, in collaboration with the U.S. offices, the Japanese subsidiary introduces individuals who wish to work in the U.S. Leveraging the in-depth knowledge of the U.S. market, they provide comprehensive recruitment consulting services. Consultants address the differences in business practices between Japan and the U.S. and offer necessary information to ensure a smooth and secure start to life in the U.S. for the candidates.

To assist with setting up the company's Japanese subsidiary, JETRO's Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided consultations regarding the registration of the subsidiary and other services.

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