Latest UpdatesTaiwan-based semiconductor inspection and analysis provider MA-tek Japan Inc. establishes laboratory in Nagoya

Mar 04, 2020

Logo of MA-tek Japan Inc. MA-tek Japan Inc.External site: a new window will a company that provides semiconductor inspection and analysis headquartered in Taiwan. It was established in Osaka in 2007 as a Japanese subsidiary of Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (Taiwan) and was relocated to Nagoya in 2019.

The company provides contract analysis and testing services for various materials and devices for ICs, LCDs, semiconductors and solar power generation. It mainly provides Materials Analysis (MA), Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Analysis (RA). Analytics services helps customers identify and improve problem points in production at their factories, lower defect rates, reduce product production costs, and improve competitiveness.

MA-tek Japan relocated its headquarters to Nagoya in 2019, added a laboratory and started some contract services that November. The company started full-scale operation of the laboratory in January 2020.
In the first phase, the company purchased a state-of-the-art Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) analyzer and started material analysis services. It offers one-stop solutions at the Nagoya Lab at the same level as the head office, provides analysis services at a high quality level and competitive prices to customers in Japan.

To assist with the relocating of the head office to Nagoya as well as establishing the laboratory, the JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided information on local government incentives, and introduced real estate agencies and supported publicity and PR.

The outside appearance of the laboratory

The outside appearance of the laboratory

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