Latest Updates JETRO updates "Regional Information" for investing in Japan to a FY 2017 edition

May 11, 2018

JETRO has updated "Regional Information" for "Investing in Japan" on JETRO's website to a FY 2017 edition. It provides information on industries, business and living environment in local areas in Japan for foreign and foreign affiliated companies considering investing in Japan or expanding the existing business base into other areas in Japan.
The information is updated once a year in cooperation with local governments.
Please take a look at the new edition of "Regional Information" through the following website.

Regional Information website
  • English
  • Japanese
  1. General Business Information (Basic information, Industry accumulation,Successful cases of locating in local Japan, Incentives, Services by local governments for  investment in Japan)
  2. Target industries for promotion of foreign investment
  3. Logistics and Infrastructure
  4. Living information for foreigners (Living environment, International schools, Health services in foreign languages)
  5. Links to other websites(Local governments and related organizations, Institutions for research and development, Education)

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