Latest UpdatesRelaxation of requirements for the status of residence enables JETRO-supported companies using coworking space for the company registration to get "Business Manager" status

Dec 05, 2018

Requirements for the "Business Manager" status of residence have been relaxed for foreign managers of Japanese subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies using coworking spaces or shared offices (referred to as coworking spaces, etc. hereafter) which is now considered to be an exclusive office space if they have received JETRO's support with their investment projects and as long as certain conditions are met.

Up until recently, coworking spaces, etc., unlike independent offices, were recognized as not fulfilling the requirement of securing an "exclusive office space". However, in response to changing work styles and the emergence of more flexible and diverse office environments, more and more companies are working in coworking space, etc. nowadays. Under the Personal Advisors System for Foreign Companies, JETRO relayed to the government requests from foreign companies to recognize coworking spaces, etc. as office space that meets the requirement for acquiring the status of residence as "Business Manager". As a result of discussions and examinations between the Ministry of Economy, and Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Justice, approval has been given for this preferential measure.

Main conditions to apply for this special measure are as follows.

Main conditions to be met
  • The company must have been supported by JETRO with investment projects in Japan.
    * To receive support from JETRO, certain terms and conditions must apply.
    * Individuals such as foreign entrepreneurs are not covered by JETRO's support with their investment projects.
  • The application must be submitted within three years of the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary/branch. (The date of establishment is defined as that which is declared on the certificate on registered company information.)
  • The location of the registered office must be the coworking space, etc. to be used as an office.
  • Use of a certain space at the coworking space, etc. must be guaranteed during working hours of the period of use.
  • If the date marking three years since the establishment of business in Japan is to arrive within a year, securement of the new office must be expected at the time of application.
  • This special measure is applied to one person per company in principle.

Please consult JETRO for the details of the procedures.

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