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Jun 12, 2018

Ibaraki Prefecture has established a new support system in 2018 to attract and promote foreign-affiliated companies in the prefecture. Please consider taking advantage of this incentive to expand your business.

Application period Applications for subsidy are accepted at any time. Please be sure to contact in advance if you are considering applying.
Qualifying companies

Foreign-affiliated companies, etc. establishing new facilities in Ibaraki Prefecture

Definition of foreign-affiliated companies, etc.
  1. Foreign-affiliated companies (Japanese corporations whose foreign corporate capital exceeds one-third)
  2. Companies conforming to 1. (100% subsidiaries of foreign-affiliated companies)
  3. Foreign companies (foreign corporations)
Definition of facilities
Facilities, or sections of facilities, of foreign-affiliated companies utilized as offices, laboratories, sales offices or other places of business (excluding housing, shops and accommodation) where at least one person is working fulltime.
Subsidized expenses
Classification Details Subsidy rate(amount)
Expenses of incorporation
  • Costs for market research related to establishing a corporation
  • Various notification costs related to establishing corporation
  • Costs for obtaining residence status
  • Costs for interpretation/translation of the above
Not exceeding one half (1/2) (Not exceeding 2 million yen)
Rent Facility rent within the first 12 months of moving in Not exceeding one half (1/2) (Not exceeding 2.4 million yen)
Research and development expenses Personnel costs, subcontract expenses, expenses for supplies, depreciation, etc. related to research and development Not exceeding one quarter (1/4) (Not exceeding 2 million yen)

Please see below for further details.
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