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Jan 19, 2018

In October 2017, Shizuoka Prefecture held the "Seminar on Investment in Shizuoka Prefecture for Foreign-affiliated Companies" in Tokyo. Through the event the prefecture promoted the advantages of investment in one of Japan's largest manufacturing clusters to international companies, such as industrial promotion measures, convenient access to major cities, incentives and a support system for companies’ investment in the prefecture.

Convenient transportation access
Investment Environment in Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka is Located Right in the Middle of Japan: Main Artery of Economy and Transport. There are around 60 million people residing within a range of 200 km. Shizuoka prefecture itself has a population of 3.69 million people. Between Tokyo and Shizuoka are 1 hour by Shinkansen and 2 hours by Highway. Between Nagoya and Shizuoka is 1 hour by Shinkansen and 2 hours by Highway. Between Osaka and Shizuoka are 2 hours by Shinkansen and 4 hours by Highway.

Source: "Shizuoka's Investment Environment: One of Japan's Leading Manufacturing Prefectures", Shizuoka Prefecture

Investment environment in Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture is one of Japan's leading manufacturing hubs. The value of manufactured goods shipped from the prefecture in 2014 was 16.5 trillion yen, ranking fourth in Japan. The number of factories established from 2000 to 2016 was 1,175, ranking first in the country, while the number for 2016 was 74, also ranking first. Shizuoka is also home to a wide range of industries, ranking second in Japan for production shipments of transport machinery and first for electric machinery as well as food and beverages.

In addition, in order to further stimulate the current industrial foundation, the prefecture is promoting a project called “Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster Development” in which three industrial clusters are being developed: Pharma Valley (pharmaceuticals and medical equipment), Food Science Hills (food and beverages) and Photon Valley (optical and electronic technologies). In addition, they have developed the "Agri Open Innovation (AOI) Project," which produces new value in agriculture and other related industries.
Under its honorary title “Fuji Country,” Shizuoka is one of Japan’s preeminent disaster-prevention prefectures, having spent 30 years developing countermeasures for earthquakes, and boasts one of the country’s highest rates of earthquake-resistant facilities. The prefecture strives to improve the environment from the perspective of business continuity planning (BCP).

Shizuoka in figures
Item Figure Source
Population 3.7 million people, ranked 10th nationally National Census 2015
Value of total production in the prefecture 15.84 trillion yen, ranked 10th nationally Economic data and estimates by prefecture, 2015
Per capita income 3.22 million yen, ranked 3rd nationally Economic data and estimates by prefecture, 2014
Total value of the shipments of manufactured products 16.5 trillion yen, ranked 4th nationally “Census of Manufacturers 2014,” Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Total value of the shipments of manufactured products in food and beverages 2.38 trillion yen, ranked 1st nationally “Census of Manufacturers 2014,” METI
Amount of production of drugs and medical devices 825 billion yen, ranked 1st nationally “Annual Report on Statistics of Production by Pharmaceutical Industry in 2015,” Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Number of new business facilities established, including in manufacturing 74 cases (7% share of national total), ranked 1st nationally “Survey of Factory Location Trends (Preliminary Report) 2016 (January - December),” METI
Number of new factory location 1,175cases (2000-2016 accumulated total), ranked 1st nationally Materials published by Shizuoka Prefecture

Source: Created by JETRO from materials published by Shizuoka

Characteristics of the industry in Shizuoka Prefecture
Investment Environment in Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture has a Cluster of World-renowned Brand Companies. 2014Value of shipped manufactured goods etc. 16.507 trillion yen, 4th in Japan. Transport equipment 26%, 2nd in Japan. Electro-mechanical 13%, 1st in Japan. Chemical industry 9%. Beverages, cigarettes, etc. 7% and Groceries 7%. Together these two, 1st in Japan. Pulp and Paper 5%, 1st in Japan. Others 33%. A well-balanced industrial structure.

Source: "Shizuoka's Investment Environment: One of Japan's Leading Manufacturing Prefectures", Shizuoka Prefecture

The attractiveness of Shizuoka Prefecture: ideal environment for conducting business

At the seminar, Mr. Oishi, head of Shizuoka Prefecture’s Commerce and Industry Bureau of the Economy and Industry Department, stressed how the prefecture has among the highest numbers of factories and distribution centers owned by foreign companies in Japan. He also emphasized the merits of doing business in Shizuoka, mentioning its various incentives, its warm climate suitable as a business location and a rich business environment thanks to spacious lots of land.

Investment Environment in Shizuoka Prefecture, A Cluster of World-renowned Brand Companies. Location situation of foreign companies. Manufacturing bases, Shizuoka 33, Kanagawa29, Ibaraki20, Chiba19, Aichi18. R and D bases, Kanagawa14, Ibaraki8, Hyogo7, Shizuoka6, Aichi6. Distribution bases, Osaka14, Kanagawa14, Chiba12, Aichi10, Shizuoka6. Companies located in Shizuoka Prefecture. By business categories, Food and drink companies (5), medical device companies (5), electric companies (6) and more…. By country/region, US companies (26), Swiss companies (8), German companies (6), Chinese companies (3) and more…

Source: “Shizuoka’s Investment Environment: One of Japan’s Leading Manufacturing Prefectures,” Shizuoka Prefecture

Speaking on behalf of foreign-affiliated companies located in Shizuoka, Mr. Yoneda, from the Japanese subsidiary of the major US pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K. introduced how an expansion of the company's sole manufacturing base in Japan, its Fuji Plant (established in 1990 in the town of Nagaizumi), with an investment of 10 billion yen, was completed in August 2017. He indicated the business advantages and future prospects of being located in Shizuoka, not only because the prefecture has actively developed industries such as the medical and pharmaceutical fields, but also because it has excellent transportation access to major urban cities.
Subsequently, Mr. Sako, president of the Indian IT company ZOHO Japan Co., Ltd., which opened a satellite base in Kawane-Honcho, Shizuoka in April 2017, took the rostrum. Calling on foreign-affiliated companies to do business in Shizuoka, he spoke passionately about how, as a company from India, his firm wants to make itself a model for Japan’s “Work-style Reform” by utilizing a variety of resources such as the creative climate and business environment of both Shizuoka and Kawane-Honcho.

Preferential schemes for investment in Shizuoka Prefecture (partial list)

  • Provision of subsidies of up to 1 billion yen for investment in equipment in line with new expansions of factories, logistics centers and research and development facilities
  • Provision of subsidies up to 400 million yen for land acquisition and new hires in line with establishing new plants, distribution centers and research and development facilities
  • Support for foreign-affiliated companies to establish offices in Japan
  • Assistance for companies locating into Shizuoka through a system to accelerate the process
  • Preferential schemes for the area around Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant

Source: “Shizuoka Offering Infinite Potential"

One-stop support for foreign-affiliated companies

In Shizuoka Prefecture, a “one-stop support center” for foreign-affiliated companies, the Shizuoka International Business AssociationExternal site: a new window will open., provides support from the point of companies planning to setting up a base in the area—such as for office and site searches, company registration procedures, hiring employees and establishment of factories—to the start of actual operations—such as through matching with potential business partners. It has established a system to support business expansion in the area by global companies in cooperation with the prefecture and related organizations.
Around 50 audience participated in this seminar including executives from foreign-affiliated companies. At the networking event following the seminar, a booth was set up to introduce Shizuoka Prefecture where they received a number of enthusiastic questions regarding locating into the area from participants.




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