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Latest UpdatesInvest Japan website: “Initial Cost Estimation” for FY2017 now available

Aug 08, 2017

JETRO's "Initial Cost Estimation" page explains the basic steps involved in setting up business in Japan and two scenarios for cost estimation. The FY2017 edition is now available.

Listed contents

1) General costs for the establishment of a Japanese corporation or a branch in Tokyo.
  1. Company establishment and tax notices
  2. Obtaining visas
  3. Setting up an office
  4. Hiring local personnel
  5. Setting up housing (for foreign national)
2) Initial costs in areas beside Tokyo
  1. Comparison of initial start-up costs for subsidiary in major business areas
  2. Reasonable business costs of Japan compared to major cities of the world
    1. Office rent comparison in major world cities and Japan
    2. Comparison of manager wages by city in non-manufacturing industries (monthly)
    3. Housing rent comparison for expatriates in world cities
    4. The ten most expensive cities in the world