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Latest Updates"Shiga" Biwako Investment Forum in Tokyo - Shiga’s attractive investment environment

Jan 25, 2017

In November 2016, Shiga Prefecture held the Biwako Investment Forum in Tokyo. At the seminar, which had a total of 160 participants, the prefecture promoted how attractive investment in Shiga could be to the participants from domestic and foreign affiliated companies, citing Shiga’s advantageous business environment, rich incentives, a support system for investors and its geographical location situated at a cross point connecting the Kansai, Chubu and Hokuriku regions which brings about convenient access to various locations thanks to a fully developed transportation network.

Investment environment in Shiga

Shiga is Japan's leading manufacturing prefecture, boasting a significant ratio of the secondary industry to gross prefectural products at 41.0%. There is a heavy concentration of primary factories (referred to as "mother factories") of major manufacturers with R&D functions, research institutions and universities that specialize in the manufacturing field. The prefecture is pushing forward a scheme to supply additional sites for companies expanding in Shiga with “Shiga Ryuo Kogyo DanchiExternal site: a new window will open.”(only Japanese), a huge industrial park opening at the end of December 2016. In addition to the manufacturing industry, which is the prefecture's cornerstone, Shiga is making efforts under its “Shiga Industrial Promotion VisionPDF file(External site: a new window will open.) (432KB)”(only Japanese) to nurture new industries in the areas of water, energy, environment, medical care, health, welfare and more. Shiga’s distinctive natural environment offers an advantageous location in terms of BCP (business continuity planning). The cost of average annual damage by flood disasters is the lowest in the country and the frequency of the earthquakes registering more than a 4 on the Japanese scales of seismic intensity is the second lowest among prefectures in the Kansai region.
Shiga is ready to support businesses entering the prefecture through incentives it has put into place such as preferential tax treatment for companies that relocate their head office into Shiga from the outside of the prefecture and subsidies for companies that set up an R&D facility or mother factory in advanced industrial fields.

Shiga in Fugures
Source: Created by JETRO from materials published by Shiga

From the perspective of BCP
Source: “Four Attractive Points of Shiga,” Shiga Prefecture

Headquarter Function Transfer Promotion Project (Tax incentives)
Source: “Four Attractive Points of Shiga,” Shiga Prefecture
Regional reconstruction plan "Headquarter Function Transfer Promotion Project"External site: a new window will open.
(only Japanese)

Made in Shiga Subsidy System
Source: “Four Attractive Points of Shiga,” Shiga Prefecture
"Made in Shiga" Subsidy SystemPDF file(External site: a new window will open.)(73KB) (only Japanese)

Attractive Shiga: Accumulation of various industries, untapped potential in manufacturing, safe and secure environment for siting

In the seminar, Taizo Mikazuki, Governor of Shiga Prefecture, made a presentation from a comprehensive perspective, by introducing participants to Shiga’s excellent investment climate and the newly drawn-up Shiga Industrial Promotion Vision as well as Shiga’s mainstay products such as O-mi Beef, freshwater fish brands from Lake Biwa and local sake brands. Toshiaki Ogasawara, President of the Siga Prefecture Land Development Public Corporation, called for investment in the newly opening “Shiga Ryuo Kogyo Danchi,” citing that the overall cost performance of the industrial park is one of the best in the Kansai region due to the lower lot prices, lenient restrictions on green areas and the park's well-developed infrastructure. Wataru Izumiya, President and CEO of Sangyo Times, Inc., presented his outlook, saying that a new semiconductor boom, which has traditionally occurred once every thirty years, is coming along with the arrival of an IoT society. He continued that this is expected to boost demand in semiconductors to the trillion-yen level, presenting a tremendous opportunity for Shiga as a manufacturing hub.
Koichi Abe; Executive Vice President and Representative Member of the Board, Chief Technology Officer, Toray Industries, Inc.; took the podium as the last speaker and gave an explanation on the technology developed by his company, attributing much of its sustained and solid R&D activities to Shiga’s stable investment climate.

Shiga offers one-stop services supporting investment by companies

Shiga provides one-stop services for expanding businesses into the prefecture in collaboration with municipalities and relevant organizations, including assistance for finding locations, advice for necessary administrative procedures, consultation on the business environment, assistance for recruitment, provision of opportunities for B-to-B matching and referral to the local business networking organization “Omi Kinseki Kai” even after a business bas has already been established in Shiga.

(Drawn up by Invest Japan Promotion Division, Invest Japan Department, Headquarters Tokyo, JETRO)

Inquiry for investment in Shiga
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