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Mar 23, 2016

Chinlun's Things StoreExternal site: a new window will open., founded in 2010 in Taiwan, has been developing a diverse business portfolio which includes creation and publishing of picture books, import and export and sales of sundries. It also operates art galleries and cafes. The company deals with original goods from its iconic "Chinlun" series and other sundries produced in collaboration with young creators both in its home country and abroad.

Chinlun's Things Store established a limited liability company (LLC) in Aichi Prefecture in May 2015 to oversee sales of Taiwan- design products in Japan, procurement of Japanese design products, export and import to and from Taiwan and creation of goods in collaboration between Japanese and Taiwanese artists.

JETRO's Invest Business Support Center (IBSC)  provided support for the establishment of its base in Japan, including consultation in registration, visas, tax matters and labor management. The IBSC also provided introductions to relevant local governments and information on incentives.

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