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Dec 09, 2015

On December 1, 2015, JETRO held a business networking event for the tourism sector in Fukuoka with the purpose of facilitating cooperation between international tourism firms operating in Japan and Japanese companies.

In Part 1, five foreign-affiliated firms (Yelp Japan, Global Tax Free, Koraku Japan, Ctrip Japan and Square) gave presentations about their business activities and prospects for future partnership with Japanese companies. In Part 2, they were involved in lively discussions and information exchange, with long lines formed in front of each firm’s booth.

The event attracted Japanese companies in a broad range of industries including hotels, hot springs, travel companies, restaurants, retail and transportation (railways, taxis and ferries). A total of 138 attendees joined not only from Fukuoka but also from around the Kyushu, Shikoku and Kansai regions, demonstrating a growing awareness of the need to draw visitors from abroad.


Networking with International Tourism Companies

- Expanding inbound tourism consumption in Kyushu! -

Date December 1, 2015
Venue Fukuoka City
Organizer Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Cooperators Fukuoka Prefecture

Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI, Kyushu District Transport Bureau, MLIT,

Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau,

Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association

Number of visitors 138
Outline of program
Part 1
Seminar with presentations by foreign-affiliated tourism firms

<Opening remarks>
Takeshi Saito, Chief Director, JETRO Fukuoka

  • Tomoyuki Takada, Managing Director, Yelp Japan (US)
  • Jino Lee, CEO, Global Tax Free (Korea)
  • Yuan Jing, CEO, Koraku Japan (China)
  • Leo Liang, Representative Director, Ctrip Japan (China)
  • Satoshi Kakeya, Product Marketing Director, Square (US)

Part 2
Exchange with foreign affiliated tourism firms (exchange of business cards)

Part 1: Scenes of venue  Part 1: Scenes of venue
Part 1: Scenes of venue

Part 2: Exchange event子  Part 2: Exchange event
Part 2: Exchange event

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