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Latest Updates"Fukushima" Subsidy for Foreign Corporations Newly Entering Fukushima Prefecture for Business

Oct 11, 2016

Fukushima Prefecture considers industries related to medicine, renewable energy and robotics to be growing industries capable of leading the reconstruction of the prefecture, and is promoting the agglomeration of related enterprises.
In order to draw the interest of international companies in establishing a location and entering Fukushima Prefecture, we are currently soliciting applications once again for the subsidy described below.
We hope that all corporations considering the establishment of a base in Fukushima, either in research and development, manufacturing or other fields, will take advantage of this opportunity.

Application period September 30, 2016 (Fri) to December 28, 2016 (Wed)
Eligible corporations

Eligible corporations: Foreign-affiliated firms commited to establishing a business location, such as a manufacturing facility or R&D facility, or those which will newly establish one or more facilities from manufactureing, R&D, sales and research in Fukushima Prefecture (coporations in which at least half of the capital is owned by a foreign corporation/corporations).

Subsidy grant Subsidy grant per corporation: Within 3/4 of the expenses eligible for this subsidy program, up to 7,436,000yen (for two years maximum)
※Please note: The maximum subsidy grant per corporation for  the previous plan was set at 28,000,000yen. But it has been reduced to 7,436,000yen for the subsidy plan this time around. The maximum subsidy grant for FY2017 will be set based on the budget that will be earmarked for this program.
Major expenses eligible for subsidy Rent expenses and utility charges for newly leased business facilities, consignment fees for management consultants on relevant legal affairs, expenses required for recruiting employees and other human resources, expenses required for incorporation, personnel expenses for new employment in Fukushima Prefecture.
FY2016 adopted grantee
Newly adopted grantees for FY 2016
  • AT-OS S.R.L., medical-related industry (Italy)
  • Very Lucky Limited, robotics-related industry (Hong Kong)
Grantees whose status is carried on from 2015 to 2016
  • Japan Microware Precision Co., Ltd., medical-related industry (Taiwan)
  • OWS Japan Co., Ltd., renewable-energy related industry (Belgium)

For more details, please see the website. (Japanese only)External site: a new window will open.

Foreign Corporation Investment Promotion
Medical Industry Cluster Promotion Unit
Commerce, Industry & Labor Department
Fukushima Prefecture
Mr. Ihara
TEL : 024-521-7282
E-mail : ihara_yasuhiro_01@pref.fukushima.lg.jp