Latest UpdatesChina's Traveler's magazine,"Koraku ", targeting the affluent travelers to Japan, establishes a company in Tokyo

Jan 26, 2016

Shanghai Zensy CorporationShanghai Zensy Corporation Shanghai Zensy Corporation is a company of advertisement, consulting, and creation of web site, headquartered in China. It has launched a new monthly travel and lifestyle magazine, "Koraku", targeting the Chinese affluent with the concept of Japanese modern style. It is the first magazine of this kind.  It has been dispersing information on travel in Japan and Japanese culture, with monthly circulation of more than 200,000.

It has also developed activities by holding events for readers at Shanghai and other places along the Chinese coastal areas for more than tens of times, for inspiring more profound understanding on Japan.

In order to keep disseminating information on high-end and authentic Japan to the Chinese affluent and also to enhance tie-up with local governments and business partners in Japan, it has founded a corporation in Tokyo. The company plans to launch a portal site for travelers in order to further boost the number of travelers from China.

JETRO Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) , has provided support including provision of temporary office, consultation on registration, tax matters and labor management and introduction to service provider (administrative scrivener).

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