Latest UpdatesDigital Development Management, Inc., a U.S.-based game production and relevant service provider, opens an office in Osaka

Mar 29, 2016

Digital Development Management, Inc. Digital Development Management, Inc.External site: a new window will open. established an office in Osaka in February 2015. They offer comprehensive coordination services involving arrangements (offers to voice actors, utilization approvals for various intellectual property and brand logos used in games, selection of developers suitable for the development, etc.) and development required to produce games by mediating between companies that sell/advertise games and companies that plan/develop games.

They decided to establish the Japan base in Osaka due to the facts that there are a number of game developing companies, who will be the customer demographic of Digital Development Management, Inc. in the Kansai region, that the personnel cost involving game development is inexpensive, and that the quality is high.

In order to help set up the company' s Japanese branch, JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC)  provided provided a range of support and services including temporary office space, consultations with company registration and tax experts and introductions to service providers.

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