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Latest UpdatesJETRO Invest Japan Report 2016 is published

Nov 14, 2016

JETRO has published “Invest Japan Report 2016.”
This is a comprehensive report covering recent trends in inward FDI to Japan and related measures of the Japanese government, operations of foreign-affiliated companies and their perception of Japan’s business environment and JETRO’s FDI promotion activities. It aims to be a reference book for foreign companies considering expanding into Japan or local governments in Japan supporting investment by foreign companies. This is the second publication following the 2015 version.

The report introduces the results from the JETRO’s “Survey on Japan’s Investment Climate 2016” targeting foreign-affiliated companies in Japan.

I.    Steadily Increasing Investment in Japan
II.   Toward Improvement of the Business Environment
III.  Trend of Investment in Japan (Foreign-affiliated companies in Japan)
IV.  Conception of the Business Environment in Japan among Foreign-affiliated Companies
V.   Investment Promotion Projects of JETRO
VI.  Regional Revitalization: Regional Invigoration by Foreign-affiliated Companies