Latest UpdatesJiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd , A Chinese Solar Power Generation Company Expands its Business to Japan

Jul 17, 2015

Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., LtdJiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd, a core listed company of Jiangsu Akcome Industrial Group Co., Ltd. based in Jiangsu Province, China, launched full-scale operation in Japan in April 2015.

The company engages in, as its main business, the construction, operation and contracting of solar power plants and the package provision of attachments related to solar power generation, having a past record of sales around the world in 80 countries. They have conducted export sale of their product in Japan since 2006, but to start their full-scale solar power generation business, they established a limited liability company in Tokyo. From now on, they will apply for business licenses with related government ministries and agencies, and plan investment and construction for new solar power generation installations throughout Japan.

JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided a range of support and services, including free temporary office space as well as consultations on taxation in regard to solar power generation.

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