Latest UpdatesCooori, a language learning software developer and distributer based in Iceland establishes its Japanese arm

Jul 31, 2015

CoooriIn March 2015, Cooori ehfExternal site: a new window will open., a cloud based language learning solution company based in Iceland established Cooori Japan Co., Ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The company’s language learning software is built on specially designed Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make sure each user can get the most appropriate learning contents based on his/her learning patterns and progress. One of the great things about Cooori’s software is that even a user who is not good at learning a language can use the software in a fun and efficient way, which is different from the conventional way of learning a language where learners are limited to simple memorization.

Cooori will focus on the TOEIC market in Japan before venturing off into other areas. Cooori plans to offer language learning solutions for over upwards of 10 different languages by 2020.

In order to help set up Cooori’s Japanese subsidiary, JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided a range of services including temporary office space, and consultations with expert advisors in the fields of company registration, taxes and labor laws.

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