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Latest Updates US paper craft stamp company Stampin’ Up! commences operations in Tokyo

Aug 19, 2014

Stampin’Up! Stampin’ Up! has been engaged in planning, sales and other services regarding original stamps and design paper and cutting tools for craft paper and the like since its establishment in 1988. Using its ingenuity in sales promotion, the company holds workshops and classes to teach a more effective way of using its products and the fun of paper craft through registered sales consultants, called “demonstrators”. The company’s products may be purchased through 40,000 or more of these demonstrators, or online.

The company has been aggressively expanding internationally and has bases in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, France, Germany and New Zealand in addition to its base in the US. In Japan, there are a number of lovers of paper craft, and there are many fans of the company’s products. Thus, the company established a base in Japan in October 2013 and commenced operations. It has steadily been expanding its business by conducting various activities such as displays at related exhibitions and seminars by demonstrators invited from the US head office. Attention is currently focused on its future activities.

Stampin’Up! In order to set up its Japanese subsidiary, JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) provided the company with a range of support and services, including free temporary office space in Tokyo and JETRO also helped them by introducing service providers in Japan, such as real estate agencies and distribution warehouse.

※The subsidiary of Stampin’ Up! was established in October 2013.