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Latest Updates Nihon Cabot Microelectronics KK establishes R&D Center in Mie Prefecture

May 19, 2014

Cabot Microelectronics Nihon Cabot Microelectronics KK, a Japanese subsidiary of US-based Cabot MicroelectronicsExternal site: a new window will open. that conducts research and development on polishing slurries for semiconductors and various substrates, has established a research and development center for new business in the Geino-cho district of Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.

Cabot Microelectronics is a leading supplier of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pads and CMP slurries which are used to remove and smooth excess material deposited on semiconductor silicon wafers. Nihon Cabot Microelectronics KK started plant operations in Tsu City in 2000, and established an Asia-Pacific technology center in the plant in 2005.

The development of slurries for rigid disk substrates that are materials for energy-saving devices was transferred to Japan, which resulted in the establishment of this R&D center. This transfer of operations allows research and development on improving the performance of slurries, which has to date only been carried out at its US headquarters, to be conducted in Japan as well. The R&D center aims to strengthen Japan’s world-leading development system in the semiconductor field, and expand its presence in emerging markets in Asia that are growing in importance.

To support the company in setting up the R&D center, JETRO’s Invest Japan Department provided information on incentives and other support programs. Nihon Cabot Microelectronics KK applied and was selected for the Japanese Fiscal Year 2011 Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location in Japan.
※The R&D center of Nihon Cabot Microelectronics KK was established in September 2013.