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Why Invest in Japan's Local Regions?

Unlimited Business Opportunities Await

Because local regions in Japan provide abundant business opportunities, many potential partners capable of innovation and company-friendly business environments. Local regions in Japan are places where you can explore new possibilities for your business.

Supporting business expansion into local regions by foreign and foreign-affiliated companies

The government decided to launch the “Support Program for Regional Foreign Direct Investment in Japan” in order to offer unified support for foreign direct investment in Japan’s local regions. The program assists business matching between foreign companies and those of local regions as well as advice on regulations and administrative procedures.

Changing local regions due to structural reforms

  • Five Promises for Attracting Foreign Businesses to Japan
    1. Removing language barriers (signs in foreign languages available at stores and public facilities)
    2. Improving internet connectivity (free public wireless LAN)
    3. Receiving business jets at regional airports
    4. Enriching educational environment for children from overseas (international schools)
    5. Making it easy for foreign businesses to consult the government (Investment Advisor Assignment System)
  • Developing business environment by utilizing "Special Zones"
  • Creation of a new tax system for strengthening local business facilities
  • Establishment of the New Technology Verification System (Regulatory Sandbox in Japan)
  • Establishment of the “Japanese Green Card for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals”

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