Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC)

What is an IBSC?

IBSCs (Invest Japan Business Support Centers) support foreign and foreign-affiliated companies to enter the Japanese market and establish bases after they come to Japan. In addition, we provide services such as increasing the number of employees, developing business in rural areas, and establishing bases in order to expand the business of foreign-affiliated companies already operating in Japan.

How to use

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    If you are interested in establishing a base or expanding business in Japan, please contact your local JETRO office (domestic or overseas) or IBSC.

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    We would like to hear about your plans to establish a base or expand your business, as well as your requests for JETRO support.

    • Considering establishing a base in Japan, and want to gather various information first.
    • Currently it is a representative office, but want to start business, so want to change the office to a Japanese branch or a corporation.
    • Want to establish new business facilities such as sales offices, warehouses, and factories in line with business expansion.
    • Want to establish a holding company or a subsidiary in line with the diversification of our business.
    • Want to hire executives or a large staff to expand our business, and other plans...
    1. It does not apply to the case where an established base is closed and moved to another place.

    2. Information obtained by JETRO will not be provided to third parties. For details, see the Privacy Policy.

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    JETRO's certification procedure for providing service will be carried out.

    1. There are various conditions for using the service. First, please contact JETRO.

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    After (3) is certified, JETRO will decide on a support plan to assist you and start the service.

    JETRO’s experienced staff and experts provide various types of support via online also, such as consultation and information provision to foreign and foreign-affiliated companies planning to establish a base or expand their business in Japan. If you would like our support, please apply from the following form.

Obtainment of "Business Manager" status of residence

Foreign managers of Japanese subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies using coworking spaces or shared offices (referred to as coworking spaces, etc. hereafter) who are receiving JETRO's support with their investment projects in Japan and meet certain conditions are considered to meet the requirement of securing an exclusive office space for the "Business Manager" status of residence and can obtain that status.

Main conditions to apply for this special measure are as follows.

Main conditions to be met

  • The company must have been supported by JETRO with investment projects in Japan.
    * To receive support from JETRO, certain terms and conditions must apply.
    * Individuals such as foreign entrepreneurs are not covered by JETRO's support with their investment projects.
  • The application must be submitted within three years of the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary/branch. (The date of establishment is defined as that which is declared on the certificate on registered company information.)
  • The location of the registered office must be the coworking space, etc. to be used as an office.
  • Use of a certain space at the coworking space, etc. must be guaranteed during working hours of the period of use.
  • If the date marking three years since the establishment of business in Japan is to arrive within a year, securement of the new office must be expected at the time of application.
  • This special measure is applied to one person per company in principle.

Please consult JETRO for the details of the procedures.

Inquiries regarding Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs)

If you are interested in establishing a base or expanding your business in Japan, please contact us using the form below.

List of Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs)

JETRO offices in Japan and overseas other than Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs) can be found at the following URL.


This brochure explains the JETRO IBSC (Invest Japan Business Support Center) services in an easy-to-understand manner.

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