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JETRO is promoting Digital Invest Japan Business Support Center (Digital IBSC)

We provide online support for foreign and foreign-affiliated companies to advance and expand their business in Japan.

Attractiveness of JETRO's website for investment in Japan

JETRO's website for investment in Japan utilizes animation commentary, chatbots, and other items to provide support for foreign and foreign-affiliated companies to establish a base or develop their business in Japan. You can gather information from your local offices without visiting JETRO.

Online consultation is available from anywhere in the world!

JETRO’s experienced bilingual staff and experts are available online for consultations from foreign and foreign-affiliated companies. We also provide various information and consultation services online. * There are certain conditions for using this service. First, please contact JETRO.

Our Support Services

Support for Establishing and Expanding a Business Base in Japan

JETRO supports your business in Japan by utilizing a wide domestic and foreign network of more than 70 overseas offices and 50 offices in Japan, as well as the Invest Japan Business Support Centers (IBSCs).

Support for establishing a base or expanding business in Japan

Succeed Together with JETRO

Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC)

We provide consistent one-stop service for establishing a base or expanding business in Japan.

At JETRO’s IBSCs located in six major cities in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka), their experienced, dedicated staff and experts provide various types of support free of charge to foreign and foreign-affiliated companies planning to establish a base or expand their business in Japan (partially for a fee). We also offer a free temporary office for up to 50 business days.

We offer information and consultation services online as well.

The Japan Innovation Bridge (J-Bridge) is a business platform that aims to create opportunities for Japanese corporates and overseas companies (including startups) to meet and connect toward substantive alliance formation. J-Bridge will promote collaboration focusing on businesses in Southeast Asia and India, Israel, Australia, U.S., and Europe, engaging in the six priority fields, including digital and green industries.

With J-Bridge, JETRO will hold various online open innovation events to provide networking opportunities and further offering to attend them. Also, we will support to deliver your company’s business profiles and collaboration needs to prospective Japanese corporates towards tangible business alliance formation.

JETRO's Effort for Promoting Investment in Japan


Our Global Network

As a core organization in Japan that promotes FDI, JETRO provides services for the establishment of bases in Japan by foreign companies and the expansion of business by foreign-affiliated companies already established in Japan.

To date, we have supported more than 22,000 investment projects and led more than 2,200 projects to successfully enter or expand business in Japan.

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Projects that successfully
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