Reason3. Excellent Human Resources

Reason3. Excellent Human Resources

Highly Educated Workforce with Excellent Skills

% of Tertiary

World No.4

No. Country %
1 South Korea 70%
2 Canada 64%
3 Russia 62%
4 Japan 62%
5 Ireland 58%
6 Luxembourg 58%
7 Lithuania 56%
8 UK 56%
9 Australia 55%
10 Switzerland 53%
  1. Source:

    ”Education at a Glance 2021” (OECD)

Number of Researchers per million population


No. Country (G7) Number of researchers
1 Germany 5,382
2 Japan 5,375
3 UK 4,701
4 France 4,687
5 US 4,408
6 Canada 4,326
7 Italy 2,653
  1. Source:

    ”Global Innovation Index 2021”
    (World Intellectual Property Organization)

Excellent Employer-Labor Relations and Wealth of Talent Support Your Business

Talent Competitiveness


No. Country
1 Denmark
2 Switzerland
3 Singapore
4 Japan
5 Netherlands

Proportion of Technicians and Associate Professionals to Total Workforce

No. Country
1 Japan
2 Mauritania
3 Singapore
4 Germany
5 Finland

Availability of Scientists and Engineers

No. Country
1 US
2 Finland
3 Malaysia
4 Japan
5 Canada
  1. Source:

    ”Global Talent Competitiveness Index” (INSEAD)

What business leaders say

“There is a lot of good talent in the market, and we do have some of our best application scientists in Japan.  I am super proud of my team here in Japan. ” Cecilia Edebo, CEO, CELLINK

Source: Invest in Japan: Testimonials from Global Business Leaders (Prime Minister’s Office of Japan)

Developing Global Talent

Japan is fostering human resources with the capabilities and mindset required for global talent by promoting study abroad and the International Baccalaureate education.

Number of Japanese Studying Abroad

Line chart. The number climbed constantly from about 40,000 students in 2010 to 120,000 by 2018 and dropped to nearly zero due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: ”Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad”
(Japan Student Services Organization)

Number of International Baccalaureate Schools

Bar chart. The number has increased steadily from 40 schools in 2013, 81 in 2018, to 147 by 2022.

(Note) As of end-November for 2013 – 2016, end-May for 2017, and end-March for 2018 onward
Source: Compiled from “MEXT consortium for promotion of IB education in Japan” websiteExternal site: a new window will open

Japan Welcomes Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Japan welcomes highly skilled foreign professionals and entrepreneurs through the “Japanese Green Card for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” and “Projects for Encouraging Foreign Entrepreneurs to Start Business ”(so-called “Startup Visa”)

“Japanese Green Card for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” system

  • Foreign professionals who score the specified points or more on the scoring sheet are recognized as “highly skilled foreign professionals” and eligible for preferential immigration treatment.
  • Period of stay required to apply for the permanent resident status has been reduced to one year at the shortest.

Example of scoring

Score factor Points
34 years of age or younger 10 points
Annual income of 6 million yen 20 points
Master’s degree holder 20 points
Three years of work experience 5 points
Invention of patents 15 points
Graduated from a top-tier university 10 points
TOTAL 80 points

[Example] Engineer
(33-yrs old)

Projects for Encouraging Foreign Entrepreneurs to Start Business (so-called “Startup Visa”)

  • As a general rule, you need to fulfill requirements (such as establishing an office in Japan) and acquire a status of residence under the “business manager” category to start a business in Japan.
  • When you take advantage of the “Startup Visa,” you can stay in Japan for up to one year and prepare to start a business before meeting the requirements.
Foreign entrepreneur submits the [Startup Preparation Activity Plan] to municipalities whose plans have been authorized by METI. There are 14 of them, including Fukuoka City, Aichi Pref., Gifu Pref, Kobe City, Osaka City, Mie Pref., Hokkaido, Sendai City, Yokohama City, Ibaraki Pref., Oita Pref., Kyoto Pref., Shibuya Ward, Hamamatsu City (as of March 2022). Immigration Services Agency examines prospects for acquiring [business manager] status of residence and grants [designated activities] status of residence (Startup Visa) for 6 months plus 6 months. Foreign entrepreneur can stay in Japan for preparation to start a business for up to one year (re-examination after 6 months). Municipalities' support for starting a business begins (one-stop consultation desk, co-working space, etc.) Progress on acquiring [business manager] status of residence, including establishing an office, share capital. Entrepreneur submits an application for [business manager] status of residence to the Immigration Services Agency. [Business manager] status of residence granted. Business starts.

Reason4. Excellent business Environment, Reliable Infrastructure

Efficiency of Train Services

1st in the world

Reason4.Excellent business Environment, Reliable Infrastructure

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