JETRO Invest Japan Report 2017 (Summary) 6. Investment Promotion Activities of JETRO

Achievements of JETRO

(1) Investment projects supported by JETRO (FY2003-2016)

Investment projects supported by JETRO & successful startups or cases of business expansion of foreign or foreign-affiliated companies

Projects FY2003-2016 Total FY2016
Supported projects 15,972 projects 1,775 projects
Successful startups/expansion of foreign/foreign-affiliated companies 1,579 projects 174 projects

Successful investment projects supported by JETRO (by region, FY2003-2016)

Asia accounts for 33% (520 projects), North America for 31% (489 projects), Europe for 31% (486 projects), Oceania for 3% (57 projects), Central and South America for 1% (14 projects), and Middle East and Africa for 1% (13 projects).

[Note] Number of projects in ( ).

(2) Investment projects supported by JETRO (by country/region, by industry)

Successful investment projects supported by JETRO (by country/region, top ten countries/regions, FY2003-2016)

Rank Country/region Number of projects
1 US 453
2 China 183
3 Germany 130
4 Korea 109
5 UK 94
6 France 81
7 Singapore 53
8 Taiwan 52
9 Australia 49
10 Hong Kong 46

Successful investment projects supported by JETRO (by industry, top five industries, FY2003-2016)

Rank Industry Number of projects
1 ICT/telecommunications 361
2 Services (including tourism, restaurants and education) 317
3 Electric/electronic and precision devices 291
4 Vehicle and parts 94
5 Medicine/medical devices 85

(3) Investment projects supported by JETRO (by prefecture)

Successful investment projects supported by JETRO (by prefecture, FY2003-2016)

There are 975 projects in Tokyo at 62%, and 604 projects in areas outside of Tokyo at 38%. The latter includes 171 projects in Kanagawa, 121 projects in Osaka, 92 projects in Aichi, 60 projects in Hyogo, 36 projects in Chiba, 28 projects in Fukuoka, 18 projects in Saitama, and 78 projects in other prefectures.

[Note] Number of projects in ( ).

Outline of JETRO’s investment promotion activities

(1) Dispatching information on attractiveness of Japan

  • Top-level sales and overseas seminars/symposia
  • Websites and other PR media for investment in Japan

    Seminars/symposia on investment in Japan held in FY2016

    In FY2016, JETRO held 163 seminars/symposia on investment in Japan in major cities in the world including top-level sales by Prime Minister Abe.

    JETRO held 49 seminars/symposia in Europe, 62 in Asia, 43 in North America and 9 in other regions. Of these seminars/symposia, the Invest Japan Seminar held in Brussels on May 4th, 2016 (co-organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Kobe City, Tsukuba City, supporters: Japanese Embassy in Belgium, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, etc.) had 129 participants, and there were 320 participants at the Invest Japan Symposium in New York on September 19th, 2016 (co-organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Hamamatsu City, supporters: Consulate General of Japan in New York, etc.).

(2) Supporting individual FDI projects in Japan

  • Enhancing the platform to support individual FDI projects in Japan (Personal Advisors System for Foreign Companies, country/region desk, setting up the Invest Japan Division at JETRO Osaka, etc.)
  • Conducting “proactive attraction activities” around target fields
  • Providing office space and free consultation - Invest Japan Business Support Center (IBSC)

(3) Promotion of secondary investment and contribution to regional revitalization

  • Supporting networking of international students and foreign-affiliated companies
  • Networking events to support business expansion in Japan
  • Collaboration with local governments to attract foreign investment to local regions

(4) Approach toward improvement of business environment

  • Investment Advisor Assignment System and the Working Group for Revising Regulations and Administrative Procedures
  • Personal Advisors System for Foreign Companies
  • Invest Japan Hotline

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