JETRO Invest Japan Report 2016 (Summary) 6. Regional Revitalization: Regional invigoration by foreign-affiliated companies

1. Regional initiatives to attract foreign-affiliated companies

Using National Strategic Special Zone deregulation to support foreign entrepreneurs with Startup VisasExternal site: a new window will open and other incentives

Supporting industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapyExternal site: a new window will open in a special zone neighboring Haneda Airport

Attracting foreign-affiliated companies with abundant incentivesExternal site: a new window will open suitable for target industries

2. Local government incentives specialized for foreign/foreign-affiliated companies

3. Attractiveness of Japan’s local regions: Unlimited business opportunities await

International comparison of regional GDP in Japan (nominal, FY 2013)

This is a map of Japan which explains how each region of Japan has a GDP equivalent to that of an entire country. The regional GDP of Kanto is 2.01 trillion dollars, matching the 2.09 trillion-dollar GDP of Russia. Similarly, the regional GDP in Hokkaido and Tohoku is 591 billion dollars, matching the 579 billion-dollar GDP in Sweden. The regional GDPs of Chubu and Kinki are 779 billion and 792 billion dollars respectively, matching the 685 billion-dollar GDP of Switzerland. The regional GDP of Chugoku is 279 billion dollars, matching the 268 billion-dollar GDP of Finland. The regional GDP of Shikoku is 135 billion dollars, matching the 133 billion-dollar GDP of Hungary. The regional GDP of Kyushu is 476 billion dollars, matching the 428 billion-dollar GDP of Austria.

[Source] "Annual Report on Prefectural Accounts for FY 2013" issued in FY 2016, Cabinet Office

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