JETRO Invest Japan Report 2016 (Summary) 5. Investment Promotion Projects of JETRO

1. Achievements of JETRO

  • 14,197 projects supported, including 1,405 startups by foreign companies (FY2003-FY2015) (160 projects in FY2015 were foreign company startups, which is 1.5 times of that in 2014 [109 projects])
  • FY2015 projects: Asia (39%), Europe (31%), North America (28%)
  • The US, China and Germany were the top three.

Investment projects supported by JETRO (FY 2003-2015)

The number of investment projects supported by JETRO between fiscal 2003 and 2015 was 14,197 in total, of which 1,405 projects led to successful establishment of operations in Japan. In 2015, 160 foreign company startups were successful. By region, North America and Asia each accounts for 31.5% (444 projects), Europe for 31% (439 projects), Oceania for 4% (54 projects), Central and South America for 1% (13 projects), and Middle East and Africa for 1% (11 projects).

Investment projects supported by JETRO (by prefecture)

This is a pie chart showing the number of investment projects supported by JETRO by prefecture. There are 871 projects in Tokyo at 62%, and 534 projects in areas outside of Tokyo at 38%. The latter includes 145 projects in Kanagawa, 100 projects in Osaka, 88 projects in Aichi, 54 projects in Hyogo, 35 projects in Chiba, 26 projects in Fukuoka, 17 projects in Saitama, and 69 projects in other prefectures.

2. Focus of JETRO’s activities

  • Improvement of business environment, strengthening dispatch of information, enhancement of support for individual companies and contribution to regional revitalization

3.Outline of JETRO’s projects

(1)Dispatching information contributing to promotion of inward FDI

  • Business matching, introducing local governments and business providers to support subsequent investment

(3)Attraction of R&D centers and other high-value added sites

(4)Collaboration with local governments to attract foreign investment to local regions

  • Working together with local governments actively attracting overseas and foreign-affiliated companies
  • Started working-level training program (basic, application and practice) for local officials in charge of attraction of foreign companies.
  • Consultation service, desks at HQ dedicated to six countries, Invest Japan Coordinators, IBSC, information provision, Invest Japan Hotline and investment support through Global Alliance Scheme

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