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Experts around the world talk about the appeal of investing in Japan and partnering or collaborating with Japanese companies.

Post-COVID, economic activity is recovering worldwide. In fact, Japan has advanced to become more open to the world, promoting successful foreign business right here. Consider Japan as an attractive market with great potential for growth, development and leaping into the future.

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Business Landscape and Market Opportunities

If you are an investor or executive, thinking about investing in Japan or entering the Japanese market, we offer useful and timely information on topics of interest. Discover the Japanese free market, its excellent business environment and government support for investment in Japan.

Regional Business Opportunities and Industry-Academia-Government Synergies

Discover business opportunities, gleaned from unique learnings across Japan's many regions—where business potential speaks to social issues. Ecosystems involving industry-academia-government cooperation, human resources with cutting-edge technological capabilities, and R&D capabilities will help you drive your business forward.

Japan's Support Initiatives

Interviews with experts and business executives from the global companies will provide the latest information on support initiatives that make it much easier to invest in Japan and work with Japanese companies, and which could boost your aspirations to enter the Japanese market. 

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