Investing in Japan

Invest Japan Hotline

JETRO supports foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan by
- Giving consultation regarding administrative procedures required for FDI into Japan.
- Arranging meetings with officials of regulatory agencies if needed.
- Relaying requests for regulatory reforms to the Japanese government.

Consultation regarding investing in Japan and regulatory reform
from foreign companies or foreign-affiliated companies in Japan
  • Consultation regarding and investing in Japan
    (Administrative procedures and information on regulations and systems, use of the "Regulatory Sandbox SchemeExternal site: a new window will open ")
  • Requests for regulatory reforms
Service available in languages other than Japanese
One stop service provided by JETRO
Invest Japan Hotline

Days: Monday to Friday (Closed on Saturday and Sunday, national holidays)
When the call line is busy, please contact us via the "Inquiry form" below.


WebInquiry Form

  • Accepting inquiries
  • Collating content of inquiries
    (translating into Japanese when necessary)
    if able to answer the matter, JETRO will answer questions directly.
Consultation regarding investing in Japan including use of the "Regulatory Sandbox Scheme"(Arrange meeting within the same day)
JETRO will arrange meetings with the relevant authorities.
Requests for regulatory reforms
(when necessary)
when necessary, JETRO will submit requests for regulatory reforms to the Cabinet Office and METI
JETRO will arrange meetings with the relevant authorities and provide comprehensive support including language support
  1. After the relevant authorities receive the request, they will coordinate with JETRO on a date and time for consultation.
    within the same day
  2. In principal, a Jetro staff will escort the foreign company or the foreign-affiliated company, representative and provide language support during the consultation with the relevant authorities.
    within one week (excluding weekends and public holidays)
JETRO will follow up on each case from the time the request is received to the time the result is reported
  1. After examining the request, the Cabinet Office will ask the relevant authorities to consider possibilities of reform.
  2. Certain answers from the relevant authorities may be reported to the Regulatory Reform Council for discussion. As a general rule, the Cabinet Office report the result of the deliberation at the Council to JETRO prior to the official announcement.
  3. The result of the deliberation at the Council will be reported to the foreign company or the foreign-affiliated company through JETRO if it is to be released to the public.