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Yosooidokoro Futaba

A fancy and fashionable shop which allows guests to see and touch kimonos and even pick out some to wear. We have a wide selection of kimonos for rent, from kosode, for walking around town or to wear as wedding costumes, to vintage uchikake for display at the shop. Please come and enjoy this casual kimono experience.
We also provide various choices of kimono accessories such as from the popular SOUSOU brand.


Kyu-Hisadomike 2F, 4-16-201 Yanagimachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

By bus:
From Saga Bus Center to Gofuku-motomachi Bus Stop, and a two-minute walk
By car:
10 min. from Saga Station
Parking space (for cars): Available (on-site)
Parking fee: Free
Parking of tour buses (large or medium-sized): Possible (on-site)
Parking not possible during Hina-matsuri festival season. (Only dropping-off is possible.)
Parking fee for tour buses: Free


Admission fee Free
Workshop: Available (Experience wearing a kimono and walking around town, from 3,500 yen)
Working days and hours 10:00 - 17:00
Closings Mondays, year-end and New Year holidays
Visitor capacity 50
Time required for a tour Kimono fitting: 5 min.
* We request customers to return from excursions into town by 16:30
Language Japanese
English (Signage/brochure)
Chinese (Signage)
Thai (Signage/brochure)
Reservation Required
Tel: +81-952-20-0206
E-mail: yosooidokoro.futaba@gmail.com
Other conditions


Tel: +81-952-20-0206
E-mail: yosooidokoro.futaba@gmail.com