Toko Sake Museum

The Toko Sake Museum is one of the largest sake museums in the Tohoku region, and is run by Kojima Sohonten Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1597. The museum contains a multitude of fascinating exhibits, such as of scenes of daily life at sake breweries and storehouses used for malting. At the store there are a number of drinks which can be sampled for free, as well as some high-end sake for a price. The museum is the perfect vacation spot to enjoy traditional culture and outstanding sake. Kojima Sohonten Co., Ltd. is where we brew our “Toko” brand, which has won numerous awards both in Japan and around the world. Our umeshu (plum liqueur) was also the champion at Japan’s three largest contests, and is immensely popular.


2-3-22 Omachi, Yonezawa City, Yamagata

About 2 hours 10 minutes by Yamagata Shinkansen from Tokyo to Yonezawa
5 minutes by car or a 20-minute walk from Yonezawa Station

Parking lot (for passenger cars): Available (on or near the facility)
Parking fee: Free
Parking for tour buses: Possible (large, medium; on the facility)
Tour bus parking fee: Free


Admission fee

General: ¥310 (¥280)
Junior high and high school students: ¥210 (¥160)
Elementary school students: ¥150 (¥100)
Prices within ( ) are group rates (30 people or more)

Workshop-based tour: Available (sake tasting: ¥100 - ¥300 per 50 ml, as well as some free of charge)

Working days and hours 9:00 - 16:30
Closings December 31, January 1
Visitor capacity 100
Time required for a tour About 20 min
Language Japanese
English (Signage/brochure/video/images)
Chinese (traditional characters) (Signage)
Reservation Not required
Please consult with us in the case of groups, in particular if there are two or more buses, or groups composed only of visitors from abroad.
Tel: +81-238-21-6601
Fax: +81-238-24-0408
Reservations Page: link
Other conditions We have one wheelchair available for use (our restrooms are not wheelchair-accessible, however).
Our facility also has wheelchair ramps.


Tel: +81-238-21-6601
Fax: +81-238-24-0408