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Takumi Kohgei 株式会社匠工芸 Japan Style – Introduction of industries for buyers –


All product lines by Takumi Kohgei allow you to feel the “handwork” as well as new machine manufacturing techniques. A number of original long-selling items are being released.


Stools made in collaboration with “h concept”, a variety goods brand. The combination of a small seat – only 22cm in diameter – and long legs created a new genre.


The product name means “mountain range”, and it was named after a beautiful local mountain, Asahi-dake. The back and armrest, united in a three-dimensional curved form, was made by stacking pieces of solid wood like bricks, warping them, machine processing them, then carving them by hand as a finishing touch. The oak used is sourced locally from Hokkaido.


The president is a highly skilled craftsman who has ranked second in the WorldSkills International competition. 40 elite craftsmen exercise their skills on a beautiful hill amid the great landscape of Hokkaido, coexisting with the environment.

Furniture-making in the great nature of Hokkaido, blending in with the landscape

The furniture industry of Asahikawa has sent craftsmen to WorldSkills International (furniture category) 14 times as representatives of Japan. The first to go was Yoshihiko Kuwahara, the president of Takumi Kohgei, and he won a silver prize in the competition held in Spain in 1967. It has been a quarter of a century since Kuwahara established his factory on a hilltop, somewhat far from the city center, to fulfill his wish to “create furniture amidst the great landscape of Hokkaido”. They commit to manufacturing, surrounded by gentle hills and rich farmlands. They also interact with neighborhood residents in various ways, such as by holding a concert at their company once a year.

Craftsmen’s skills and expertise cast designers’ ideas into shape

In recent years, new items are being released one after another in collaboration with designers here and abroad, prompted the making of prototypes for “Asahikawa Design Week”. The skills and expertise that enable them to create delicate designs – such as thin legs and intricate curves – are highly trusted by designers. It is also notable how the company entrusts craftsmen with the whole production process for their assigned piece of furniture instead of dividing work, which in turn improves the craftsmen’s motivation and skills. Many of their craftsmen are creating furniture with their own designs. It can be said that this company now plays a key role in producing furniture makers in Asahikawa.


Asahikawa, located in the center of Hokkaido, is the second largest city in Hokkaido after Sapporo. Furniture production sites spread across the basin, including adjoining towns Higashikawa-cho and Higashikagura-cho.



  • Visitation Hours : Hours: Mon to Fri, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
    *May be open on Saturdays. Please inquire.
    *Closed during year-end and new years holidays, Golden Week (from late April to early May), and summer holidays (mid-August). Please ask for available dates.
    *As February and March are busy months, visits may not be accepted. Please inquire.
  • Number of Visitors Allowed : Up to approximately 20 people
  • Time Required for Observation : Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
    *Approximately 20 minutes if only visiting the factory.
  • How to Apply : Apply for the desired date and time of visit by phone, fax, or email
  • Other : Observation is limited to indoor facilities during winter. In summer, the outdoor lumberyard and surrounding environment can be observed.


  • Mt. Taisetsu

    The area centered around the Taisetsu volcanic group, including Mt. Asahi (2291m), the highest mountain in Hokkaido, is called “The Roof of Hokkaido” and is popular among mountain climbers. “Shujitsu no Oka Hill”, located southeast of Asahikawa Airport, is a famous viewing spot.

  • Biei no Oka Hill

    A hilly area that spreads across both sides of the JR Furano Line. In summer, one can enjoy the view of various flowers such as potato blossoms, covering the hill like patchwork. The best time to view this scenery is the end of June, when the “Asahikawa Design Week” is held.

  • Asahiyama Zoo

    A zoo known to display animals in ways that bring out their natural behavior. There is a tubular water tank in which seals swim up and down. Animal feeding “Mogu Mogu Time” and penguin walks in winter are popular.


Exports to
Retail stores in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
Company Name
Takumi Kohgei Co., Ltd.
24 Minami-ichibandori, Higashikagura-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Tel 0166-83-4400 Fax 0166-83-4600
42,000,000 yen
Number of Employees
President Yoshihiko Kuwahara
Business Description
Creation of original and OEM furniture (including custom-made furniture for various facilities)
Tables, desks, chairs, display cabinets, cupboards, crafts, etc.


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