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Taisetsu Mokko 株式会社大雪木工 Japan Style – Introduction of industries for buyers –


Wood materials that are locally sourced but not commonly used for furniture are transformed into fascinating products. Designs that shine with the rediscovery of materials and techniques.

Chair 01

Since Alder is soft, it is not suitable for chairs with thin legs, but this weakness was overcome by making the legs wide and flat, while the Alder helped make them dramatically light. Long-standing shelf-building techniques have been applied to the seat adjustment parts.

Desk in a Box

A piece of furniture made with a playful spirit and a desire to “commit to creating boxes as a manufacturer of boxes”. The interior of the box is isolated from the outer world and somehow calming. Sakhalin fir from Hokkaido is used, with the knots included to add zest.


A company that mainly manufactured mass produced cabinets and shelves became one of the leading companies that use local materials. The design project changed their weaknesses into strengths.

A change in direction: A decision made by a conventional furniture maker at the end of the era of mass production

For 20 years since its establishment, Taisetsu Mokko’s main strength had been the mass production of inexpensive conventional closets, cabinets, and cupboards. However, in an age where meticulous features are more in demand than low prices, a change in direction was necessary. The turning point came in 2016, when “Taisetsu’s Taisetsu (Important) Project” began. A team of designers including Makoto Koizumi were invited to participate in this development project, but the CEO, Masanobu Hasegawa, wished to create an atmosphere in which all the employees actively participate, and took nearly two years to realize it.

Now 70% of their products are made from Hokkaido-sourced materials. Designs transform tree species that draw no attention

An abundance of knowledge based on experiences the company gained as a conventional furniture maker was incorporated into products made in the project. For instance, their masterful use of Alder, which used to be a mere substitution material, works to their advantage. Alder is not widely available and little known, but it can be utilized now because the market has shrunk. The idea was to rediscover the appeal of the materials, and this has raised their already high usage rate of local materials to as much as 70%. The company is now gaining attention as a leading manufacturer that challenges the use of locally sourced materials.


Asahikawa, located in the center of Hokkaido, is the second largest city in Hokkaido after Sapporo. Furniture production sites spread across the basin, including adjoining towns Higashikawa-cho and Higashikagura-cho.



  • Visitation Hours : Mon to Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    *Closed during year-end and new years holidays, Golden Week (from late April to early May), and summer holidays (mid-August). Please ask for available dates.
  • Number of Visitors Allowed : Up to approximately 10 people
  • Time Required for Observation : Approximately 1 hour
  • How to Apply : Apply for the desired date and time of visit by fax or email at least one week in advance
  • Other : The showroom and factory are also available for visits. Please inquire about the scope of observation. Interpreters can be arranged if requested in advance.


  • Mt. Taisetsu

    The area centered around the Taisetsu volcanic group, including Mt. Asahi (2291m), the highest mountain in Hokkaido, is called “The Roof of Hokkaido” and is popular among mountain climbers. “Shujitsu no Oka Hill”, located southeast of Asahikawa Airport, is a famous viewing spot.

  • Biei no Oka Hill

    A hilly area that spreads across both sides of the JR Furano Line. In summer, one can enjoy the view of various flowers such as potato blossoms, covering the hill like patchwork. The best time to view this scenery is the end of June, when the “Asahikawa Design Week” is held.

  • Asahiyama Zoo

    A zoo known to display animals in ways that bring out their natural behavior. There is a tubular water tank in which seals swim up and down. Animal feeding “Mogu Mogu Time” and penguin walks in winter are popular.


Exports to
Hong Kong (retail stores, 12 items)
Company Name
Taisetsu Mokko Co., Ltd
4-chome 13-2 Kitamachi, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Tel 0166-82-2900 Fax 0166-82-2918
37,000,000 yen
Number of Employees
President Masanobu Hasegawa
Business Description
Production and sale of furniture and special plywood, production of special building materials and furniture materials
Display cabinets, tableware, writing desks, chairs, etc.


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