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We have continually questioned what the 21st-century clothing design should be and researched new manufacturing techniques. The “Skin Series” that is created by no-sewing knitting techniques is at the core of our brand and research as well as forming the basis of our clothes designing. Adding design to the “skin” we wear as the cloth of life has always been the neverending pursuit of humankind. It is the source of the experimentation in sensuous bodily expression by many peoples from ancient times to the present, regardless of era, nationality, or culture. Our “Skin Series” creates “the possibilities of body wear” by designing seamlessly 360 degrees over the human body and employing a high-density knit no-sewing manufacturing process. The conscious playing with light and dark in the designing enables the search for an expanded sense of physical beauty and expresses our present vision of the possibilities of body wear.



The designer is Tamae Hirokawa. Deploying the concept of the “possibilities of body wear”, she pursues the creation of clothing close to the skin. Her “Skin Series”, created by making full use of computer programming and no-sewing techniques, is stored in MoMA and has received high praise from the art and design industry. It continues to evolve as a "digital couture" beyond the realm of the conventional clothing industry. In 2007, Hirokawa won the 25th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Newcomer Prize and the Shiseido Encouragement Prize, and in 2008, the WIRED Audi INNOVATION AWARD. She is a member of the Asian Couture Federation.

Creating a new aesthetics with unique form and technology

Hirokawa first joined Issey Miyake Inc. In her design team, she worked on knit design and also became exposed to a wide range of designing regardless of fashion. Becoming independent in 2006, she launched the fashion brand SOMARTA.

Applying the knowledge of two research areas she was interested in as a student―human anatomy and cosmetic beauty that heightens the glamor of the female body―she developed the “Skin Series” that has been receiving high praise from the brand’s inception.

In contrast to Western clothes that follow bodily contours through draping, this designer’s new approach of “making clothes seamlessly” starts from textile as a single thread. When woven, the clothing has a planar form; but when worn, it displays a three-dimensional shape, producing a beauty of form that connects with traditional Japanese clothing.

A product created by designing 360 degrees seamlessly, is free from concerns over seam alignment and body size as it is an integrally-molded piece and can be fitted to various body types. There is no doubt that the rippling effect of “the possibilities of body wear” becomes discernable to all.

Flexible and broad activities

The design office SOMA DESIGN, launched at the same time as the brand, has activities in a wide range of fields, such as products, graphics, and spatial design. It has participated in the Salone del Mobile. Milano and launched the Taurus wheelchair in collaboration with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. In 2014, it held Hirokawa’s first solo exhibition in Japan and abroad, “Tamae Hirokawa Exhibition Body Genealogy ―Creation of SOMARTA―,” and continues to be active in the fields of art and design.


Minami-senzoku is located in Ota city, which is at the southern tip of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Tokyo International Airport is in the same city.



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