Kimono Emakikan (Kimono Ai, Ltd.)

As the country's traditional clothing, the kimono, with its grace and elegance, represents the true spirit of Japan. For centuries, it has symbolized the traditions and cultural identity of the Japanese.

We have established "Kimono Emakikan" in Tokamachi City, an area known for its production of silk fabrics where we make varies kinds of kimono, including the formal “furisode” and “houmongi” (ceremonial kimono for formal visits). We also make traditional crafts such as "Tokamachi Akashi Chijimi" fabric. At the factory of Yoshizawa Textile Co., Ltd., where our production takes place, you can see where the yuzen dyeing and weaving takes place. Yoshizawa Textile is eager to introduce their kimonos to the world.


3-2-15, Kotobukicho, Tokamachi City (Kimono Emakikan)
4-8, Kotobukicho, Tokamachi City (Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.)

By train
10-minute walk from Hokuhoku Line Tokamachi Station.
Hokuhoku Line service is available from Joetsu Bullet Train Echigo-Yuzawa Station and Hokuriku Bullet Train Joetsu-Myoko Station.
By car
20 minutes from Muikamachi IC or Echigo-Kawaguchi IC (Kanetsu Expressway)
60 minutes from Toyota-Iiyama IC (Joshinetsu Expressway)
70 minutes from Joetsu IC (Hokuriku Expressway)
Parking for cars: Available (on-site)
Parking fee: Free
Parking for tour buses (large or medium-sized): Possible (on-site)
Parking fee for tour buses: Free


Admission fee Admission fee is free.
Uzen dyeing experience: 500 yen
Weaving experience: 300 yen (Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.) 
Working days and hours 9:30-18:00 (Kimono Emakikan)
9:30-16:00 (Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.)
Closings Mondays (Kimono Emakikan)
Sundays, national holidays, certain Saturdays (Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd.)
Visitor capacity 20 persons
Time required for a tour About 20 minutes
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
(only accepts reservations via e-mail)
Other conditions There are no elevators in either the "Kimono Emakikan" or the factory of Yoshizawa Textile Company, Ltd. Visitors must make use of the stairs. When taking a tour, you will be requested to take off your shoes and change to slippers.


Tel: +81-25-757-9529