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House of Kurawan-Kan

Experience pottery at “the House of Kurawan-Kan.” Here you can experience the shaping of ceramic ware either by hand or potter’s wheel as well as painting the shaped ware. Why not make your own work as a memento of your trip? This pottery experience is popular among children too. Why not make your own Hasami ware by yourself, to make your meals happier?


©House of Kurawan-Kan


2255-2, Isekigou, Hasami-cho, Higashisonogigun, Nagasaki 859-3711 Japan

5 min. by car from Hasami-Arita I.C.
15 min. by car from Ureshino I.C.
5 min. by bus from JR Arita Station. Get off at the Yakimono Koenmae (no direct bus service available to the House of Kurawan-Kan)
15 min. by bus from JR Mikawachi Station. Get off at the Yakimono Koenmae (take the bus bound to Ureshino or Uchime from Mikawachi Station bus stop)
20 min. by bus from JR Kawatana Station. Get off at the Yakimono Koenmae (take the bus bound to Uchime from Kawatana Bus Center bus stop)
40 min. by bus from JR Sasebo Station (take the bus direct to Ureshino or Uchime)
45 min. by bus from Nagasaki Airport (transfer at Kawatana Bus Terminal)
Car: available (on-site), free of charge
Tour bus: available (on-site), free of charge


Admission fee Workshop-based tour
Available (content: Hasami ware painting experience) 
Cup: 500 yen (not including tax),
Mug: 850 yen (not including tax) ,
Round plat: 850 yen (not including tax) ,
Rice bowl (not including tax)
Working days and hours 10:00-15:00
Closings Pottery-making workshop not available during year-end and New Year holidays
Visitor capacity 1-100
Time required for a tour 30-60 min.
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Tel: +81-956-26-7162
E-mail: kurawanka@tea.ocn.ne.jp
Fax: +81-956-26-7163
Other conditions -

©House of Kurawan-Kan


E-mail: kurawanka@tea.ocn.ne.jp
Tel: +81-956-26-7162
Fax: +81-956-26-7163