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Fashion and textiles


We are a natural indigo dyeing factory. We provide dyeing experience to visitors.

Location: Kurashiki-City, Okayama
Language: Basically Japanese. (plus a little bit of English)


This is a factory for primarily printing T-shirts. We also design and screen them ourselves. We have both water and oil-base printing equipment, large washing ...

Location: Sendai-City, Miyagi
Language: Japanese only


Today, Kojima, in Kurashiki city, is known nationwide as the birthplace and sanctuary of Japan-made jeans. The "Jeans Museum" was founded to provide ...

Location: Kurashiki-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English

Licca Castle

Licca Castle opened on May 3, 1993, to commemorate Licca-chan’s 25th birthday anniversary. It was established in Ono, Fukushima as the first integrated production factory for dolls in Japan. ...

Location: Tamura-gun, Fukushima
Language: Japanese

Imabari Textile Resource Center

"We aspire to become the production center of towels in Japan and to continue creating high-quality products that are comfortable and gentle on people's ...

Location: Imabari-City, Ehime
Language: Japanese

Itoigawa Jadeite Workshop Kotaki

Itoigawa jadeite is a Japanese gem. The jadeite is characterized by the mixed colors of white and green, ...

Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

Kimono Emakikan (Kimono Ai, Ltd.)

As the country's traditional clothing, the kimono, with its grace and elegance, represents the true spirit of Japan. ...

Location: Tokamachi-City, Niigata
Language: Japanese

NICCA Chemical.

NICCA's business units are chemicals and cosmetics. Textile chemical is the major business field of NICCA worldwide. We are also strong for fine chemicals for ...

Location: Fukui-city, Fukui
Language: Although presentation is provided in English and/or Chinese, an interpreter needs to be accompanied.


A museum of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage registration "Yuki Tumugi."
Including a museum, you can enjoy Yuki pongee from the exhibit space ...

Location: Yuki-City, Ibaraki
Language: Japanese


SEIREN CO., LTD was founded in 1889. Seiren is a comprehensive textile manufacturer, integrating the stages of planning, manufacturing and selling from the ...

Location: Sakai-City, Fukui
Language: Japanese only

Ushikubi Pongee Silk Hakusan-Koubou

Traditional woven fabric that has been produced in the Shiramine District at the foot of Mt. Hakusan for over 800 years. Preserving the time-honored techniques, the company...

Location: Hakusan-City, Ishikawa
Language: Japanese only

Yosooidokoro Futaba

A fancy and fashionable shop which allows guests to see and touch kimonos and even pick out some to wear. ...

Location: Saga City, Saga
Language: Japanese, English (Signage/brochure), Chinese (Signage), Thai (Signage/brochure)