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Art, design and traditional goods


AKASHIYA is the largest brush manufacturer in Japan with some 380 years of history, having been founded in the Mid Edo Period. While honoring our traditions, ...

Location: Nara-City, Nara
Language: Web site: Japanese, English.
E-mail: Japanese, English,
Tour and Workshop :Japanese only.

Arita Porcelain Park

It is located in the same area as Munemasa Shuzo storehouse and is being operated by the company. Many Arita wares are displayed in the park that are thought ...

Location: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Language: Japanese only

Baba Cutlery Works

Baba Cutlery Works was established in 1916 and since then, we keep producing kitchen knives to satisfy professional chefs, using traditional techniques and ...

Location: Sakai-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese only


Baieido has dedicated itself to making incense for over 350 years.
We at Baieido continue to protect the secret formulas of our forefather "Jinkoya ...

Location: Sakai-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese only

Big Will

Big Will Co., Ltd. has developed a natural wood veneer producing machine, and achieved production of 0.1 mm or thinner wood veneer, the thinnest in the world. ...

Location: Miyoshi-gun, Tokushima
Language: Japanese

Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum / Bizen Osafune Token Village

This is a very unique Japanese sword exhibiting museum nationwide.
The actual workshops of craftsmen who has been trained to succeed the skills of ...

Location: Setouchi-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese

China On The Park

China On The Park is owned by the pottery FUKAGAWA-SEIJI, which has approximately 120 years of history and was appointed as a Japanese Imperial Household ...

Location: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Language: Japanese (*English speaking staff can be prepared if reservation is made beforehand)

Daimonya Bussan

We create "Takasaki Daruma" dolls - a famous school of such dolls with two centuries' tradition and history by hand. We also have a showroom, which ex... ...

Location: Takasaki-City, Gunma
Language: Japanese,Chinese (pamphlet only)

Foundry Risaburo

We have produced a bronze ware for over a century: since the first Risaburo started foundry work in the Japanese main production area of bronze ware in ...

Location: Takaoka-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese only

Ganguan Kokeshiya

Our company manufactures and sells wooden toys mainly like Sendai-style traditional kokeshi (wooden dolls).
These are popular products in a bold two-color ...

Location: Sendai-City, Miyagi
Language: Japanese only

Gokayama Washi Paper

The traditions of washi paper-making live on in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gokayama region, ...

Location: Nanto-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese

Hataman Touen Corporation

With the historical background of being the Nabeshima Clan kiln, we have succeeded the traditional craft art of Imari Nabeshima porcelain and committed to creation of a new Nabeshima brand. ...

Location: Imari-City, Saga
Language: Japanese, English (Brochure/accompanying guide)

Higeta Aizome Kobo (Higeta Indigo Dyeing Studio)

Once, some 80% of all the clothes worn by common people were indigo-dyed. Our studio has been maintaining and spreading Japan's traditional art of indigo dyeing... ...

Location: Haga-gun, Tochigi
Language: Japanese

House of Kurawan-Kan

Experience pottery at “the House of Kurawan-Kan.” Here you can experience the shaping of ceramic ware either by hand or potter’s ...

Location: Higashisonogigun, Nagasaki
Language: Japanese

Inami Wood Carving Cooperative

Here, visitors can see nationally-recognized traditional handicrafts including decorative carved panels and lion masks, as well as modern carvings and handicraf... ...

Location: Nanto-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)

Inden-ya Uehara Yushichi (atelier)

Koshu-Inden is one of the oldest leather processing techniques, which has been kept for about 400 years in Yamanashi prefecture, Koshinetu-region of Japan. ...

Location: Kofu-City, Yamanashi
Language: Japanese only

Inden-ya Uehara Yushichi (Museum)

Koshu-Inden is one of the oldest leather processing techniques, which has been kept for about 400 years in Yamanashi prefecture, Koshinetu-region of Japan. ...

Location: Kofu-City, Yamanashi
Language: Japanese only

Itoigawa Jadeite Workshop Kotaki

Itoigawa jadeite is a Japanese gem. The jadeite is characterized by the mixed colors of white and green, ...

Location: Matsumoto-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

IWACHU Casting Works

This is a theme-park style factory where you can see the production process of Nanbu cast ironware. There are facilities such as an exhibition gallery, and a ...

Location: Morioka-City, Iwate
Language: Japanese only

Izumiriki Seisakusho

Established in 1805, Izumiriki's kitchen tools have been in the hands of home cooks and professional chefs. Based upon the traditional technique, we keep ...

Location: Sakai-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese only

Japanese Silk Moth Center

At the Azumino City Japanese Silk Moth Center, we introduce a comprehensive history of the breeding and ecology of Japanese silk moths through DVD footage and ...

Location: Azumino-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese

JIKKO Japanese Knives

Jikko was established in 1901. There is a historic background to Sakai city. We've been discussing with so many chefs to create our products for more than 100 ...

Location: Sakai-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese only

Johana Oriyakata

Try your hand at weaving, or purchase original hand-woven goods.
With Johana's long traditional history of silk textures, an office building was built in 1... ...

Location: Nanto-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese

Kagami Crystal

Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd. established by Kozo Kagami, opened Japan's first crystal glass factory in 1934. Since its foundation over seventy years ago, the compan...

Location: Ryugasaki-City, Ibaraki
Language: Japanese
English (pamphlet only)

Kimono Emakikan (Kimono Ai, Ltd.)

As the country's traditional clothing, the kimono, with its grace and elegance, represents the true spirit of Japan. ...

Location: Tokamachi-City, Niigata
Language: Japanese

Kuji Amber Museum

The Kuji Amber Museum is the only amber museum in Japan. In the Main Wing, amber of Kuji and of the world are explored from two angles: natural science and the ...

Location: Kuji-City, Iwate
Language: Japanese only

Kyoto UNRAKU-gama

Unraku is a traditional handicraft now in its third generation. Under the mottos of "treasuring the teachings of our forefathers" and "our ...

Location: Kyoto-City, Kyoto
Language: Japanese only


We offer accessories based on gemstones and produce one of the most authentic styles of Magatama over 100 years. Our "Izumo-style Magatama" has been ...

Location: Matsue-City, Shimane
Language: Japanese only

Mizuho Brush

Mizuho Brush Co. has built its business by manufacturing and developing makeup, water color, nail design, and various other brushes. We create our brushes ...

Location: Aki-gun, Hiroshima
Language: Japanese, English

Morioka Handi-Works Square

This is a facility where you can "see, touch, and create" various traditional craftworks and foods of Morioka. There are 2 main areas: the Workshop ...

Location: Morioka-City, Iwate
Language: Japanese only

Music Box Company

Music Box Company Co., Ltd. demerged in 1997 from Sankyo Seiki Mfg. (currently Nidec Corporation) as the first company to succeed in the industrialization of mu...

Location: Suwa-gun, Nagano
Language: Japanese (English is available partially)

Nagatani Seito

Since the opening of a kiln in Iga in 1832, Nagatanien has been engaged in making products that can cater to the needs of the times, while valuing the ...

Location: Iga-City, Mie
Language: Japanese only

Noritake Garden

Noritake's history began in 1904 with a single dinner plate. Since then, Noritake has continued to make elegant and dynamic tableware in the same city under ...

Location: Nagoya-City, Aichi
Language: English and Chinese


Since 1916, NOUSAKU has manufactured Buddhist altars, tea sets, and flower vases, later adding tableware, interior products, and construction metals to its ...

Location: Takaoka-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese, English

Ogoshi Butsudan

We exhibit various types of Butsudan ("Buddhist altar") such as Takaoka, Karaki and modern Butsudan to meet your needs or sects. Visitors can look ...

Location: Takaoka-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese

Ohashi Ryoki

For over 60 years, our company has been the leading manufacturer of traditional hand-crafted "Masu" boxes in Ogaki, Japan. Over 80% of all Masu boxes ...

Location: Ogaki-City, Gifu
Language: Japanese and English(little)


Nambu cast ironware is one of the Japanese traditional crafts.
There are many Nanbu cast ironware products. Many are kitchen items, such as kettles, pots, ...

Location: Oshu-City, Iwate
Language: Japanese only

Okayamaken bizenyaki touyuukai

We are a cooperative of Bizenyaki potters. We support maintaining and developing the culture of Bizenyaki and provide trainings for successors. There are over ...

Location: Bizen-City, Okayama
Language: Japanese, English, Korean


Product name: Ise Katagami (manually carved patterns and designs)
Suggested use: for art piece, graphic design source

Since its establishment in ...

Location: Suzuka-City, Mie
Language: Japanese ,English a little bit

Oya Historical Museum

This museum was opened in 1979 to show the history and mining operations of Oya stone. The museum is situated in an unusual setting of carved hills, whose arche... ...

Location: Utsunomiya-City, Tochigi
Language: Japanese
English (guide plates,displays,brochure)


In Okinawa, there are many traditional crafts nurtured by its unique history, culture and nature. Ryukyu Glass is among them. Bright colors of a southern land a...

Location: Itoman-City, Okinawa
Language: Japanese
English(guidance board, pamphlet)
Chinese, Korean( pamphlet)


The Shinemon Kiln mainly creates yohen ware, using glazes such as ruby-red cinnabar and crystal glaze, and, with the slogan of "brilliance of form, ...

Location: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga
Language: Japanese and English

Shioyasu Urushi Ware Company

Founded in 1858, Shioyasu Urushi Ware Company, a long-established Wajima Lacquerware (Wajima-nuri) manufacturer, offers an extensive selection of Wajima-nuri ...

Location: Wajima-City, Ishikawa
Language: Japanese only

Shiozawa Kogei

The studio of the muntin craft artist Masanobu Shiozawa: Here, visitors can see room lights incorporating Japan's traditional muntin craftsmanship and ...

Location: Iida-City, Nagano
Language: Japanese only

Shogawa Aqua Memorial Park

Featuring exhibitions and sales of traditional Shogawa lathed woodworks, and live lathe demonstrations on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, on Saturdays and ... ...

Location: Tonami-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese


Japanese black ink has been in wide use for writing, drawing, and painting since the ancient times in Japan. It is obtained by rubbing a stick of dry ...

Location: Suzuka-City, Mie
Language: Japanese only

Sumida Edo Kiriko-kan

The geometric patterns of Edo kiriko cut glass are a thing of beauty. Guests of the workshop engrave these attractive traditional patterns on glass in a color ...

Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Language: Japanese only

Takahashikusu Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 1917, and since then, we have introduced many Japanese knives to the world and contributed to Japanese food culture. ...

Location: Sakai-City, Osaka
Language: Japanese, English (Signage/brochure/accompanying guide)


The "Kumiko" woodwork technique was developed in Japan in the Asuka Era (600-700 AD). Tanihata uses this technique to manufacture Ramma for room ...

Location: Toyama-City, Toyama
Language: Japanese only

The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper

Displaying and introducing products made of Awa washi (Japanese handmade paper).
Engaging in activities such as collecting and providing documents and ...

Location: Yoshinogawa-City, Tokushima
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese

The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum

The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama, which lies adjacent to the renowned Omiya Bonsai Village, aims, through its activities, to promote the culture of ...

Location: Saitama-City, Saitama
Language: Japanese

The Tougyoku company

160-year time travel of the Hina dolls with the four beautiful seasons of Japan.

Location: Saitama-City, Saitama
Language: Japanese


We are a company store owned by potters. Pottery works which are made by 33 potters are sold here, and tourists are able to try painting and forming pottery.

Location: Iyo-gun, Ehime
Language: Japanese

Tohoku Kogei

During tours we first show a Japanese video about our process flow while serving tea and Japanese sweets. After that, we explain about our products in our shop ...

Location: Senda-City, Miyagi
Language: Japanese only


At Tsukamoto, we have been making ceramic works of the Mashiko Yaki school since 1864.
Our facilities stand on vast premises surrounded by nature, includin... ...

Location: Haga-gun, Tochigi
Language: Japanese only

Tsukiyono Vidro Park

Tsukiyono Vidro Park is where a great variety of attractions await you - a visit to the glass studio, a museum of glass art, a workshop to experience glassmakin... ...

Location: Tone-gun, Gunma
Language: Japanese,English ,Chinese (pamphlet)

Usaburo Kokeshi

We provide guided tours of the kokeshi manufacturing process and kokeshi painting experience(charged) and guided tours of "Kokeshi Crafts Gallery" ...

Location: Kitagunma-gun, Gunma
Language: Japanese, English

Yamamoto Haken

"Hide" knives are widely used and trusted by Japanese professional chefs throughout the Kansai region of Japan, a place known for its rich food ...

Location: Sakai-cuty, Osaka
Language: Japanese only. *Voice translator for many languages is available.

Yamanashi Jewelry Museum

Yamanashi is now home to an industrial cluster that includes sculpture using materials such as rock crystal and agate, the polishing of gemstones for use in jew...

Location: Kofu-City, Yamanashi
Language: Japanese only