Hamada Syuzou Denzouingura

Located in the city of Ichikikushikino, which faces the East China Sea, Hamada Syuzou Denzouingura is a company which continues to evolve in order to seek out new potential for honkaku (authentic) shochu.
Our steady supply of high-quality shochu has been made possible for two reasons: First, cutting-edge equipment is used at every step of the process, from fermentation to bottling and shipping. Second, we have brought together the skills, knowhow and experience of our master distiller and other craftsmen from various fields in one place.
Our motto is “Providing delicious shochu to as many people as possible,” and we are earnest about producing high-quality honkaku shochu, taking full advantage of the skills and knowhow possessed by our master distiller.


17-7 Seisatsu-cho, Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture

By car
50 min. by car from Kagoshima-City via expressway
Parking space (for cars): Available (on-site)
Parking fee: Free
Parking of tour buses (large or medium-sized): Possible (on-site)
Parking fee for tour buses: Free


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 9:00 ~ 16:00
Closings Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays
Visitor capacity Please consult us beforehand.
Time required for a tour 60 min.
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
Tel: +81-996-21-5260
E-mail: info@hamadasyuzou.co.jp
Other conditions


Tel: +81-996-21-5260
E-mail: info@hamadasyuzou.co.jp