Denbeegura was founded as a hand-made shochu distillery in the first year of the Meiji Period (1868). Since then, it has been embracing the traditional taste, craftsmanship and spirit of honkaku (authentic) shochu. Putting in place strict requirements on everything used from the wooden fermentation jars and pot stills to the koji mold chambers, our shochu craftspersons work earnestly with pride. We offer customers a distillery tour and tastings, and our facility has a souvenir shop and a restaurant.


4-1 Minatomachi Ichikikushikino City Kagoshima

By car
40 min. by car from Kagoshima City via Expressway
Parking space (for cars): Available (on-site)
Parking fee: Free
Parking of tour buses (large or medium-sized): Possible (on-site)
Parking fee for tour buses: Free


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 9:00 ~ 17:00
Closings Wednesdays, New year holidays
Visitor capacity Please consult us beforehand.
Time required for a tour About 30 min.
Language Japanese
Reservation Required
In case of groups
Tel: +81-996-36-3131
Other conditions Although the passage to visit is not barrier free, the wheelchair can pass.


Tel: +81-996-36-3131