CYBELE Co., Ltd.

Established in Yamagata City in 1966 as a shop specializing in Western-style desserts. Incorporated in 1970.
We expanded sales of confectionaries, bread products and beverages throughout the Yamagata and Sendai areas. In order to further broaden distribution across Japan, we began sales of rusk gift packages in 1994. We achieved significant growth through our mail-order business, and established ourselves as the premier rusk maker in Japan. In order to realize our vision of turning confectionary shops into an industry, we became the first local confectionary shop in Japan to become listed on the stock market, allowing us to eventually acquire ¥488 million in capital.

As part of our company’s efforts toward corporate social responsibility, we continue to disseminate information on confectionary art culture.

At our headquarters in Factory Park, in addition to seeing the production process of rusk, visitors can tour the library of famed writer Hisashi Inoue (which contains 30,000 works) at Chihitsudo-Bunko Yamagata. Visitors can also purchase baked sweets and fresh-baked bread at our store. Touring our facility and shopping can be done within about an hour.

At the CYBELE ARENA in front of our headquarters, lectures, concerts and plays are regularly held.


2-1-3 Zao-Matsugaoka, Yamagata City

  • By car
    1 minute from Yamagata-kaminoyama IC (Tohoku Chuo Expressway)
  • By bus (Yamako Bus)
    20 minutes from JR Yamagata Station bound for Zao-Onsen・Kattasancho. Get off at the Omotezao-guchi Bus Stop, and walk for 10 minutes
  • By train
    15 minute drive from Kaminoyama-Onsen Station (JR Yamagata Shinkansen, JR Ou Line)

Parking lot (for passenger cars): Available (on the facility)
Parking fee: Free
Parking for tour buses: Possible (large, medium; on the facility)
Tour bus parking fee: Free


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 10:00 – 15:00
Closings New Year's Day
Visitor capacity 50
Time required for a tour Factory tour: 15 min
Factory Park: About 1 hour
Language Japanese
English (Video/images)
Korean (Video/images)
Reservation Required
Guided tours are only available with a reservation. However, if a reservation is not made, guests are still free to tour the facility on their own.
Fax: +81-23-689-1133
Reservations Page: site: a new window will open
Other conditions Portions of the facility are barrier-free. Wheelchair ramps are available from the entrance to the factory until Chihitsudo-Bunko Yamagata. However, in the winter they may be inaccessible due to accumulated snow.


Fax: +81-23-689-1133