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China On The Park

China On The Park is owned by the pottery FUKAGAWA-SEIJI, which has approximately 120 years of history and was appointed as a Japanese Imperial Household Agency. It consists of four visiting spots including Gallery Chujikan, Kurinto (restaurant), Jikigura (outlet store), Toshiko memorial garden and you can get the most enjoyment out of the pottery by visiting them all. In the gallery, you will be able to see the gigantic temple jar that won the gold medal award at the Paris World Expo held in 1900 and many other works and items of Chuji Fukagawa, the first president. More than 3,000 lavender flowers appear in the memorial garden every early summer.




111Haraakeotsu, Arita-machi, Nishi Matsuura-gun, Saga 849-4176 Japan

Arita station (JR Sasebo line): 10 minutes by taxi.


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 9am and 5:30pm
Closings Tuesdays (*outlet shop is open whole week)
Visitor capacity about 200
Time required for a tour 1 hour
Language Japanese (*English speaking staff can be prepared if reservation is made beforehand)
Reservation Required
Please call 81-955-46-3900 or send fax to 81-955-46-4848
Other conditions Reservation is needed in case of group visiting.


Tel: 81-955-46-3900
E-mail: china@fukagawa-seiji.co.jp