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Companies Interested in Highly-Skilled Foreign ProfessionalsTADANO ENGINEERING LTD.

Join us to contribute to society through manufacturing

We are looking for individuals who can take on various new challenges enthusiastically and engage in many works with passion.
We are actively recruiting people with different values and different career backgrounds. Our colleagues recruited in recent years are now working with us as an important driving force for the company.
As a member of the Tadano Group, Tadano Engineering aspires to become a company that benefits society. Are you interested in leveraging your knowledge and experience for the company?


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Use of

Role Expected of Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

  • Innovation and Planning from the Perspective of People Overseas
  • Promoting Globalization of Japanese Staff

Required Persons

  • Humanities (Language)
  • Sciences (Engineering)


  • General Machinery
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
  • Professional Service

Business Content

Tadano Engineering is a subsidiary of Tadano Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic cranes.
Uniting Tadano's advanced crane technology with our engineering expertise, our product development team has developed a series of high-performance hydraulic gantries named SUPER-LIFTER and DECK LIFT. In addition to these standard models, we also develop various types of custom-designed cranes and accept orders for a single unit. If you are considering a standard gantry or some special lifting equipment, please contact us. We are sure our engineers will be able to offer you a good solution. Our design team undertakes design to enable Tadano's products, such as small cranes and aerial work platforms, to be mounted on vehicles, while our manual team prepares manuals for Tadano products exported to the world.

Countries/Areas of Interest

  • Asia as a whole
  • Oseania as a whole
  • North America as a whole
  • Central and South America as a whole
  • Europe as a whole
  • Russia

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Ko-34, Shinden-cho Takamatsu City Kagawa 761-0185
Tel : 087-839-5675

Company Info

Capital:30 million yen
Amount of sales:2 billion yen
Number of employees:100 people
Year of establishment:November 1988 site: a new window will open.